League of Legends’ Mageseeker Leaked as Upcoming Riot Game

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By | January 31st, 2023 | Categories: League of Legends

Riot has been actively making more games outside their main titles, such as League of Legends and Valorant. The gaming company has notably been expanding its reach to other genres, which include role-playing games and FGs. While there have been many notable announcements in the previous year, another new upcoming project has been teased in Riot Forge, exploring the story of League’s very own Sylas. 

Mageseekers: A League of Legends Story

South Korea’s game rating committee has unwittingly revealed an unannounced Riot project, which was shown to be called Mageseeker. Information about the game wasn’t readily available to the public. However, the Korea age rating body has evaluated the upcoming title in their recent ratings, which revealed its existence to fans.

For hardcore fans and Runeterra lore experts, the name Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story gives us enough details to know what this game will be about. Mageseekers are renowned enforcers in the League nation Demacia, tasked with hunting down, imprisoning, or forcefully conscripting potential mages within their territory. 

The isolationist country has a no-magic policy due to a disastrous event in the past, which has led to a harsh crackdown on potential arcana users. The most notable champion related to this branch of the military is the Demacian rebel Sylas. The Unshackled will take the spotlight in the story, either as the protagonist or the main villain.

Since we don’t have any details about the game, we can only imagine what we will experience in Mageseekers. However, the South Korean game ratings committee has tagged it as an RPG appropriate for gamers over 12. This rating implies that the game will have some heavy action sequences and playstyle.

Aside from being an RPG game, various potential features might get players hooked on the game. Demacia is full of interesting playable characters from the main game. Champions

Sylas and the Mageseekers Lore

Mageseekers are composed of ordinary soldiers and several handpicked mages who were forcefully enlisted to help the unit hunt down others blessed in the arcane. Sylas was a former member of this branch who could absorb magic from various conduits, which included magical materials. Due to his ability, he could sense magic from other people, making him an ideal member of the mage-hunting unit.

Sylas was imprisoned after one fateful accident that resulted in the death of three people. His prison was composed of Petricite, which was known to nullify and absorb magic. Due to the former Mageseeker’s unique ability, these stone materials were an excellent source of magic for him, which he finally used to escape his cell.

After his escape, Sylas waged war against the mage-hating nation and recruited various members to join his resistance. While his intentions are noble, the Unshackled is willing to use multiple tactics to accomplish his goals, which include terror tactics. He has been known to employ child soldiers to bolster his forces, which has been a source of controversy among fans.

The tensions between the forces of Demacia and disgruntled mages will most likely be the story’s central conflict. However, whether it will explore the life of Sylas during his days as a mageseeker or after becoming a rebel leader is yet to be seen. We will need to wait for a few more details to get a better and more accurate picture.

Riot’s Upcoming Projects

Mageseeker isn’t the only upcoming game that Riot is currently working on. The gaming giant has announced multiple ongoing projects since the release of their Netflix series Arcane. Some of the released ones are Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem, a turn-based RPG and a light-hearted rhythm game.

Several upcoming games have already been announced, which include various genres. League’s Zaunite Prodigy, Ekko, is getting his action platformer game. At the same time, Freljord Ambassador Nunu and his yeti Willump will also be featured in their title, which has gameplay similar to Spyro’s. 

The two most anticipated projects that Riot is currently developing are a fighting game and an MMO. The FG is only known as “Project L” for the time being, but teasers have already shown it promising. The massively multiplayer online is perhaps the most hyped-about upcoming Riot title that many fans are incredibly excited about it. Unfortunately, it is speculated that the MMO will get its release in either 2024 or 2025. Named and announced projects will likely get released first before Mageseeker. However, since the game has a rating from the South Korean game rating committee, we can assume it is already in a

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