Monster Hunter World player count reaches all time high

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By | January 3rd, 2024 | Categories: Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter World reaches new heights as its player counts exceed its previous record. The game overtook popular games such as Rust, The Finals, and Elden Ring during New Year. It has maintained a very healthy population since October 2023 but saw a spike in player base after The Gamer Awards on December 7. This sudden rise in hunters is surprising ever since the game stagnated around 2020. 

Monster Hunter World Becomes 12th Most Played Game on New Year’s Day

Monster Hunter World has enjoyed adoration from fans worldwide as it has been considered the best MH game for years. It is even more popular than the most recent title from the franchise, Monster Hunter Rise. While the game maintained a healthy population, it has not peaked in the Steam Charts for the past four years. However, the game has garnered more gamers in the past year and peaked even more after the announcement of Monster Hunter Wild.

MH World ranked 12th in the Steam Charts on New Year’s Day, which placed it higher than other popular games. Unsurprisingly, the game reached new heights since the announcement of Wilds generated much-needed hype for the franchise. However, it should be noted that Worlds has been performing well since October 2023, which baffled some fans since the game has yet to receive any updates since 2020.

Why is Monster Hunter World Becoming Popular Again

Before the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds, many players were surprised with World’s performance as it was experiencing a slow but consistent rise in players. This increasing population surprised some because there was no apparent reason for it to return, especially since there were no updates or announcements during that time. Meanwhile, the exponential growth in the past month was caused by two factors. 

During The Gamer Awards, Monster Hunter Wild was announced as the next franchise installment, which Capcom will release in 2025. Fans were so hyped up with this news that many players started revisiting the game. Many speculated that Wild will be considered a sequel to Worlds rather than just another installment to the game. Capcom’s decision to highlight MHW for its #ReturntoWorld campaign further reinforced this theory.

On top of Wilds’ announcement, the Steam Winter Sale is still running until January 4. This sale period coincided with Capcom’s event, which significantly reduced the price of Monster Hunter World. The publishing giant decided to hold a Return to World event to ride on the current hype for Wilds. The next installment won’t come out until 2025, so Capcom wants to fill the void by encouraging gamers to play MHW. The sizeable discount for Worlds has enticed thousands of players to try out or return to the game. 

Is There Anything New with Monster Hunter Worlds?

World’s last update came out last October 2020, and it is the final for the installment. The Iceborne DLC was big in the MH community, which resulted in a surge of players. Surprisingly, the game peaked at 97,006, thousands away from the current peak. The only change for MHW is the discounted price, which will only last until January 4. The exponential rise in player base shows how timeless Monster Hunter World is, as players still enjoy it despite having no new content for the past three years. 

What Do We Know About Upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Worlds is currently riding on the hype generated by Wilds, even though we barely know anything about it besides the announcement last December. Fans were hoping for another DLC after Iceborne due to its massive success, so the fact that MH Wilds could be a potential follow-up for Worlds has made many excited. 

The trailer announcement only featured a sample gameplay of the Wilds, but fans have made multiple speculations from the video. The most highly speculated theory is that MH Wilds will be open-world, which departs from the standard franchise formula. Some gamers stated that going through this route is a natural evolution for the series to establish its uniqueness from previous titles. 

While Worlds undoubtedly inspired Wilds, the next installment will be adapting some of the popular features from Rise. MHR introduced rideable mounts and wyverns, which players took advantage of in their hunts. This feature would be a high-value addition in case the game does turn out to be open-world. 

Based on the trailer, Wilds will also adapt Worlds’ vibrant environment. Wild monsters could be seen engaging in turf wars, and you could spot large herds worldwide. These features made MHW feel more immersive, which is why Capcom decided to adopt these ideas.

Capcom confirmed that the game will be released in 2025 for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Steam. However, it still needs to be determined if cross-platform will be available. We will have to wait for further announcements to get more details about the game.

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