Stress-Free Trigger-Happy Duelist

By | September 8th, 2020 | Categories: Melee Builds

So, you’ve already done multiple complex builds for Path of Exile: Harvest and now want a rather chill one? Well, as its name suggests, it doesn’t get more chill than the Stress-Free Trigger-Happy Duelist! 

The Principle Behind the Build

The build works by blocking hits and dealing damage through its deft using Counter-Attack skills. Since defense is offense, you won’t really have to do much. And in certain cases, you don’t even have to do anything at all. Now isn’t that nice?  

Passive Skill Tree

Here’s the passive skill tree.

Skill Gems

  • Core Skill: Bladestorm with – Fortify, Rage, Close Combat, Brutality, and Melee Physical Damage Support gems 
  • Extra DPS: 
    • Riposte with Close Combat, Melee Physical Damage, and Brutality support gems 
    • Vengeance with Maim, Brutality, and Pulverize support gems 
  • Buffs: Pride, Blood and Sand, and Flesh and Stone 
  • Extra Skills: Tempest, Culling Strike, and Intimidating Cry or Berserk 


For gear, you can actually use so-so gear, provided that you hit the minimum offensive and defensive stats needed for a particular content. However, better gear means better clear times and survivability, so there’s that! 

  • Weapon: Any Rare sword with physical damage, attack speed, bleeding damage, and accuracy bonuses 
  • Off-hand: Any Rare shield bonus life, reduced attribute requirements, life, life regeneration, chance to shock attackers on block, armor, energy shield, and evasion 
  • Helm, Body, and Gloves: any Rare ones with bonus life, armor, elemental resistances, strength, physical damage reduction, and damage bonus 
  • Boots: Any Rare boots with bonus armor, life, elemental resistance, and movement speed 
  • Accessories: 
    • Any Rare rings with the following bonuses:  
      • elemental and physical damage to attacks 
      • life 
      • rarity of items found 
      • elemental resistances 
    • Any Rare amulet that increases rarity of items found, chance to block damage, and life 
  • Jewels: Any Rare that give bonuses to physical damage and chance to block.  
  • Flasks: 
    • Four Life Flasks of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding recovery/prevention 
    • Quartz Flask of Heat for attack and spell dodge and chill/freeze recovery/prevention 

So there you have it! With a build that lets you damage as you block, you can just sit back and relax while clearing content. 

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