Warbringer Slamming Berserker

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The Berserker hasn’t been a popular Ascendancy class for quite some time now. The changes in Ultimatum, however, made the Warbringer Slamming Berserker not only possible, but also more powerful. 

Pros and Cons of the Warbringer Slamming Berserker


  • Can be a league starter
  • Safe
  • Can do boss mapping and killing
  • Simple gear progression


  • No physical reflect
  • May have trouble with Hardcore, which requires Pain Reaver
  • Will be in contact with monsters

Passive Skill Tree and Gem Links

Click here for the Passive Skill Tree.

Core Skill: Vaal Ground Slam with Brutality, Ruthless, Concentrated Effect/Pulverize, Melee Physical Damage, and Fortify support gems; can also use the following support gems: Shockwave, Multistrike, Rage, and Fist of War

Mobility: Leap Slam with Faster Attacks and Blood Magic or Fortify support gems

Aura: Pride, Blood and Sand, and Flesh and Stone; Berserk, Enduring/Intimidating/Seismic Cry, Blood Rage, and Second Wind support gem.

Gear for the Warbringer Slamming Berserker Build

Weapon: Tidebreaker (Unique) for level 20 Endurance support on socketed gems, charge on melee stun; increased intelligence, physical damage, physical damage per endurance charge, and reduced enemy stun threshold

Helm: Any Rare helm with increased life, elemental resistance, and life regen; Abyssus (Unique) for increased DPS, or Devoto’s Devotion (Unique) for increased movement speed, attack speed, dexterity, and chaos resistance.

Chest: Kaom’s Heart (Unique) for increased life, Carcass Jack (Unique) for increased evasion and energy shield, life, elemental resistances, and AOE effect and damage, or Loreweave (Unique) for increased attributes, physical damage to attacks, global critical strike chance, energy shield, life, mana, and rarity of items found.

Glove: Tombfists (Unique) for increased life, 4-second maim on hit with attacks if with Searching Eye Jewel, and 4-second Intimidate on hit with attacks if with Murderous Eye Jewel; any Rare Spiked Gauntlets with increased melee damage or attack speed, life, and elemental resistances.

Belt: Ryslath’s Coil (Unique) for increased stun duration, strength, maximum physical damage, life; gain life when stunning an enemy; Soul Tether for increased stun and block recovery, gain 4-6% of maximum life as maximum energy shield, and  Immortal Ambition; Doryani’s Invitation (Unique) for increased global physical damage, elemental resistances, 0.6% of physical damage leeched as life, reduced enemy stun threshold during flask effect.

Boots: Redblade Tramplers (Unique) for increased physical damage, reduced enemy stun threshold, armor, life, fire resistance, 25% movement speed, and immunity to burning ground; any Rare boots with at least 25% movement speed, increased life, and elemental resistances.


  • Rapid Expansion, preferably 2, for increased global physical damage, Ground Slam has a 50% increased angle and 35% chance to Endurance Charge after stunning an enemy if with at least 40 Strength within radius.
  • Cluster Jewel with Overlord, as it will allow you to drop Fortify
  • Rare Jewels with increased life, attack speed, resistances, and needed attributes
  • Any Abyss Jewels with increased life, attack speed, physical damage, and chance to gain Onslaught on kill or blind on hit


  • Lion’s Roar (Unique) for knockback on use and knockback on attack
  • Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline for increased movement speed
  • Sulphur Flask for Consecrated Ground
  • Instant Life Flask
    • Status Ailments to be Cured by Flasks: Freezing/Chill, Curse, and Bleeding.

With the Warbringer Slamming Berserker, you can have a slamming good time with the Ascendancy class again. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself now.

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