How to Link Riot Account to Twitch

How to Link Riot Account to Twitch
By | May 16th, 2021 | Categories: Account Linking Guides
Riot Games may not have that many video game titles compared to other companies out there, but they certainly have one of the most well-known games by far. Since the boom of the MOBA genre during the early 2000s, Riot Games has been flourishing with success over League of Legends, the most popular MOBA game that rivals that of Dota 2. For a time they focus their resources heavily on League of Legends through constant patch updates, new skin lines, and even seasonal changes that almost everyone gets revved up about.From an infant, League of Legends has grown into a highly successful juggernaut that has become a part of the e-sports dream for many players. As the competitive scene grows, so too did the streaming community. One could say that the success of the League of Legends esports scene was due in part to the streamers. Heck, even pro players streamed on Twitch which is the biggest streaming platform out there. It’s not an understatement to say that knowing how to link Riot accounts to Twitch is crucial for budding streamers and soon-to-be professional players. After all, this is where they can build up their audience.

How to Link a Riot Account to Twitch

Linking one’s Riot account to their Twitch account is fairly easy. First, gamers must make sure that they have a Riot and Twitch account. They can sign up and register for free for both and the process is simple enough for anyone to understand. Once that’s done, go on Twitch and find the Settings tab. From there, go to the Connections tab where there are a plethora of options to choose from concerning what accounts a gamer wants to connect to their Twitch account. Simply choose “Riot Games” to connect to and verify/confirm that connection. Once everything’s done, players should have their Riot account now connected to their Twitch.

Benefits of Linking a Riot and Twitch Account

Besides being able to now properly stream Riot Games’ related content, there are many benefits that some don’t even know about. Gamers can unlock items and even receive tons of rewards via Twitch drops when there’s a special event that’s being held for one of Riot Games’ titles. There was even an instance where players who had their accounts linked together were able to redeem a bunch of skin shards and capsules for League of Legends that they can then access through Hextech Crafting. Twitch is regarded as the biggest platform for all things streaming-related, so it’s no surprise that they’ve got this massive hold when it comes to their audience. One could say this is their way of making their viewers stay for as long as possible. Who wouldn’t want to miss out on any rewards?Then there’s also Prime Gaming. For those that have Amazon Prime, they’re in luck. Every month, they can get exclusive in-game loot, a free subscription for their streamer of choice, and even free games. For League of Legends, Prime users get to have a total of 36 skin shards that they can unlock every few weeks or so. The rewards cycle through and differ each year, making it perfect for players that already have a lot of cosmetic items in their inventory.

Valorant as an Example of Why You Should Link Your Accounts

The beta stage of Valorant was quite the doozy. Everyone was hyped to finally play another game besides the usual League of Legends stuff. Just a few years ago, Riot Games announced that they were already in the planning stages of creating new games of different genres, and Valorant was one of them. While the competitive FPS has already been released and is now available for everyone to play for free, the things that happened beforehand were like a whirlwind.During the beta phase, players that had the beta key were the only ones that were allowed to play the game before its official release. To even get a key in the first place, gamers had to watch hours upon hours of Valorant streams that were highlighted on Twitch. By simply watching a streamer play Valorant, they’ll be able to get the chance of earning closed beta access. Getting access was pretty much RNG though, and not everyone got so lucky. This was the time where hundreds of thousands or even millions flocked to Twitch just to link their Riot Games account.

Closing Remarks

Players can not only connect their Riot account to Twitch but other gaming accounts as well. The biggest draw for everyone is most probably the fact that watching streamers from Twitch is completely free–people don’t even need to log in or register! The live-streaming platform for gamers has built a lot of communities since the start of its journey, and with many more games to come from Riot Games, gamers are confident that the number of people who want to know how to link a Riot account to Twitch will grow.

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