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Good morning everyone! Maybe good afternoon, or good evening, or good 4 a.m. Regardless, in this type of article, I generally tell you about how to make your car in Rocket League look cool, or I give ya some insight into the often confusing ranking system or that kind of thing. Generally speaking, it’s some basic stuff. Not today! Today, I’m getting into the nitty-gritty of the game… the dreaded Settings. More specifically, I’m going to tell you the Best Rocket League Camera Settings!


Here are some terms that we need to get down before we can move in. Before we do anything at all, I am going to just assume you have an understanding of what Rocket League is. If not, without getting into too much detail, it’s a popular game where you play soccer (and other modes) with cars.

The most obvious term we have to understand is the word “camera.” No, this isn’t your old Polaroid. This is a thing that’s attached to your car that follows you around and shows you what’s in front of you like a classic third-person game. As of right now, there’s only third person, but there are rumors of someday getting a first-person Rocket League. Personally, that sounds simultaneously sickening and fantastic. If it ever comes to be, I’ll come back to this and change it. As of right now, they only have third person. I should point out that the camera is invisible and can’t be touched, harmed, or anything like that. When I say it’s attached to your car, it’s not an antenna. It’s linked, but not attached.

Now, in a game where the point is to score with a ball, what do you think is the most important thing to be able to always see? That’s right… the ball. You can be the greatest player ever and if you can’t see what you’re trying to hit, you’re out of luck. Luckily, Rocket League thought of that. There are two very basic ways to play—with the ball focus on and with it off.

Ball Focus On

With the ball focus on (often called ball cam), you’ll always have your camera focused on the ball. Always. Even if it is all the way across the court and you’re facing away from it, you’re going to be staring at it. This is a very popular way to do it, largely because you won’t get blindsided by it. If you aren’t paying attention to it, it’s conceivable that someone shot it and you’re just cruising along, unaware that it’s going to your goal.

The pros of this approach are obvious—you get to see the whole point of the game. Even if you get hit, you’ll still know where it is. If you try to shoot it and miss, no problem, it’s still visible. It has most of the practical uses. Say, for instance, you go for a shot and someone blocks it, or it rebounds off the crossbar. If you have ball focus on, you’ll be able to see your teammate showing up and centering it even while you sail into the goal. You’ll have plenty of time to meander your way to the right position and score, easy peasy. Your teammates will love you forever and they will throw banquets in your honor. I mean, probably not, but it’s worth a shot, right?

The cons of this approach are worth mentioning. The most obvious one is that you have to know where the boost pickup locations are without being able to see them. They’re positioned in a logical manner, but the tendency with ball cam on is to miss them because you’re focused elsewhere. Just practice and you should be fine.

The other con of this approach is that it makes it very annoying trying to get back to defend. Let’s say that your team pushed and almost scored, but then the other team saved it and now they’re headed to your goal. You, meanwhile, were hanging back as a safety net in the case that this exact contingency came to be. The ball is coming towards you along the wall. You can’t make it there, but you are going to need to backflip to your goal to be there in time. If you aren’t careful, you’ll get mauled by the controls. Rocket League tries to compensate the direction that you’re jumping because of the way you’re looking at a quickly-moving ball, and the results can be humiliating.

Ball Focus Off

Ah, yes. Ball Focus Off. Many more advanced players use this technique to pick up the boost and see where their teammates are. Basically, the camera is going to look in front of you and that’s it. It can be switched on and off on the fly, so a lot of players like to have ball cam on until they get near a boost pickup location, then they’ll turn it off so they can find the boost or see where if their defenses are solid.

The pros are that you can get a better idea of the area not directly around the ball. It’s self-explanatory.

The cons are that you will lose sight of the ball, even if only for a few brief moments. I have seen people with ball focus off driving along, happy as a clam, unaware that the ball is speeding towards their goal. They don’t save it because they can’t see it, and their teammates are less than pleased. Just a warning. If you turn it off, don’t keep it off. Switch it back and forth if you don’t like having it on all the time.

The Rest

There are a number of other camera settings. They’re found, unsurprisingly, in the setting section under “camera.”This stuff is all personal preference. I’d recommend leaving them in their basic format, but if you do want to change them, tool around and see what you like better. It’s mostly options like if the camera vibrates with a goal, or how fast the camera turns, and that kind of thing.


Today, I have told you about some of the various camera settings that are available to you in Rocket League. The big choice you’re going to have to make is whether you’re going to have ball cam/ball focus on. Neither approach is perfect. Each has their annoying little flaws, but especially as you learn how to play and practice, I would recommend using the focus and leaving it on. It’s just easier, and nobody can judge you for it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—get out there and have some fun!

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