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Rocket League Friends Update for Patch v1.58

Rocket League Friends
By | March 11th, 2019 | Categories: Rocket League

For quite some time, Rocket League has been promising to install cross-platform play. Some time ago, it finally went through with its promise and put it into practice to much acclaim and delight. People were thrilled to be able to play with their friends on various platforms, but alas, not all was good in the kingdom of Rocket League… For, even though cross-platform play was enabled, it was difficult to actually meet up with your friends from other platforms. Now, thanks to the Rocket League Patch V1.58, also known as the “Friends Update,” all of that has been changed. In this Rocket League Friends Update, I’ll take you through everything you need to know.

What’s the Friends Update?

Simply put, it makes it easy for you to be able to play with your friend on various platforms. Of course, like most updates, it has a bunch of random things in it like bug fixes and general changes, but for our purposes, that’s not what we are interested in. No, no, what we care about is that you can now add friends from other gaming platforms to parties and clubs. I will get into the specifics in the next paragraph, so just hang on tight and let’s go!

Can we talk about this Friend’s Tab?

Down the bottom of the menu bar next to Party Chat, you’ll see four different tabs. One of them, possibly the most important in the past, is the Friend’s Tab. Nothing terribly exciting or novel has happened here. This is essentially the same thing we’ve always had – it shows the friends that you have from the platform you’re playing on currently. You get to invite them to parties, clubs, and game with them. Great stuff. Nothing new.

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How about the most important change?

Here we get into the good stuff! There is a reason that we’re doing a piece on this particular update instead of all the other ones – and its name is RocketID. Allow me to explain. RocketID is the nice little reason that we now have a fully functioning cross-platform system in place. Because of all the different platforms and therefore all the different players, it can be mightily difficult to make sure you’re finding the right person. There might be two people with the same name on different platforms, and there’s no real way to know which one is which without this system. Think of it as a Social Security number – you can meet a thousand people with your same exact name, but so long as you have that number that is unique to just you, you can be identified correctly. That’s the same thing here: like a few other games before it, Rocket League has instituted a system where you can add friends based on their RocketID, regardless of what platform they are currently playing on.

Don’t know their ID number? No problem. You can always simply input their name to do a search for them if you do not know their ID tag. And that, beloved reader, is why you are currently reading about this update instead of all of the others – because of RocketID and its implications for the gaming world. For so long, all the different platforms have bickered like school children about enabling cross-platform play, but now, us gamers have finally taken the upper hand and get to play with who we like.

What about the recent Players Tab?

Although RocketID may be the crown jewel of this update, we cannot overlook the recent players aspect as well. Is it is flashy? Is it as exciting? No. No, it is not. Nobody will be excitingly telling each other that there is a Recent Players Tab now, but it still deserves to be mentioned so here we are. Quite simply, it displays the last 25 players who played with or have played against that you aren’t already friends with. It may not sound like much, but when you get that very good teammate that you want to stick around with but you forgot their name, this will come in clutch and help you out.

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How do I add friends?

Okay, so we established the whole concept behind the RocketID friend system, but let’s not forget the fact that somehow, we have to actually add each other. In triumphantly enters the Alerts Tab, your go-to spot for all things notifications. This hub is where you’ll find any pending RocketID Friend Requests, active Party Invites, Club Invites, and other notifications. This is the only reason this whole idea works, so make sure you use it to stay updated if you want to get the most out of the current Rocket League.

How do Streamers fit in with this?

This update was built for everyone, from your casual gamer to your professional streamer. Not everyone will want their ID to show up for obvious reasons, especially during a live broadcast. Never to fear! Whether you are a streamer or just someone doesn’t want anyone to see their ID, you have the option of hiding your RocketID from displaying in your friends list.


In conclusion, I took you through the most important things to know about the Rocket League Friends Update in this Rocket League Friends Update guide, hit on some of the major points that are important to grasp, briefly explained how to find your friends and connect with them on any platform, and more! There are a few other things in the patch notes, but all of them pale in comparison to what I have told you here today. Fellow gamers rejoice because the time of cross-platform play in Rocket League is finally up and fully active!

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