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Valorant Night Market Guide

By | May 30th, 2024 | Categories: Valorant

The Night Market is a feature in Valorant that comes every Act for a duration of two weeks. Skins from previous bundles are included here at a discounted price. We’ve got everything covered in this article, from what to expect, to getting the most out of the Night Market.

What is the Night Market?

The Night Market is a special in-game event in Valorant that features weapon skins from previously released bundles. It comes once every Act and lasts for two weeks. The start and end dates are usually announced by Riot Games through the Valorant social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The Night Market usually comes during the end of the Act which also doubles as a reminder to players that the Act is coming to a close.

What to Expect in the Night Market

Discounts! Popular weapon skins can get up to 49% discount from their original price which makes the Night Market an exciting in-game feature for weapon skin collectors. Me and my friends often update ourselves when the Night Market comes online, and we have checked what is in store for us. We will tell each other which skins are good to get so when we play, we can exchange weapons to our preferred weapon skin.

The beauty of the Night Market is what I personally call the “skins for less” approach: I got a Magepunk Operator through the Night Market for 875 Valorant Points (VP) since its original price is 1775VP. That is at least a 45% discount for one of the most coveted skins for the Operator. You may want to opt for this route if you want to complete a specific skin bundle or theme.


The Limitations of the Night Market

There are limitations to the Night Market— one of the biggest being that the featured weapon skins are randomized. This means that every Valorant account has a different weapon skin for their Night Market, and the skins offered in each rotation are not tradeable between players. For example: If your Night Market has the Reaver Vandal but you want your friend’s Ion Phantom from their Night Market, it’s impossible to exchange them. Another limitation of the Night Market is that it is limited to five weapon skins per rotation. This makes the completion of weapon skins slow and arduous. Lastly, weapon skins from exclusive bundles like the Valorant x Zedd, and the Sentinels of Light, both highly popular skins, are not included in the Night Market; nor are skins for melee weapons. With these limitations in mind, there are still ways to make the most out of the Night Market.

Spending on the Night Market

Since Valorant has released a lot of weapon skins, it will take quite some time for previous skins to appear in the Night Market. This is especially true for popular ones like the aforementioned Magepunk Operator. If you want to make the most out of the Night Market, you can think of it this way: Which weapon in your arsenal still has no skin(s)? In my case, the decision to get the Magepunk Operator was based on that question. Even if I do not use the Operator, I want to have at least one Premium skin for each weapon in Valorant. Another way to make the most out of the Night Market: You may spend little VP for skins that you do not want but may be of interest to your team. Of course, popular skins will still be what your teammates may ask from you if you have them but for weapons like the Stinger, Spectre, Ares, Bucky, and Judge, having some skins available for them can add some style points for your team.

Which Weapon Skins are Worth Waiting For?

There are some weapon skins that Valorant players are waiting for every Night Market rotation. This list is not extensive and is based on in-game requests by teammates, stream content creators who use the skins, and pro players.

  • Ion Phantom
    • Ion Sheriff
    • Prime Vandal
    • Reaver Vandal
    • Prime 2.0 Phantom
    • Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost
    • Ion Vandal
    • Magepunk Operator
    • Magepunk Ghost
    • Oni Phantom
    • Sovereign Ghost
    • Recon Ghost
    • Recon Phantom
    • Recon Spectre
    • Abyssal Spectre
    • Neptune Vandal
    • Spline Operator

How to Access the Night Market

The Night Market is somewhat hidden in the GUI. Denoted by a card, it’s at the top-right section of the Valorant home screen, sandwiched between the Daily/Weekly Tasks and the in-game currencies. Clicking on the card will take you to a screen where five cards are shown face-down. To know which weapon skins are available for you, click on the cards to reveal each one.

Release Date

The current Night Market for Episode 8, Act 3 has started and will run until June 12, 2024. This coincides with the Valorant Champions Tour 2024: Masters Shanghai.

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