list WoW Cata Classic PvP Honor Vendors Missing Due to Blizzard Removal

WoW Cata Classic PvP Honor Vendors Missing Due to Blizzard Removal

By | May 29th, 2024 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Many players want to get their hands on Honor Sets ASAP, so they choose to grind WoW Cata Classic PvP content to earn Conquest Points. Unfortunately, Honor Vendors have been missing for several hours now, and it doesn’t seem like they will be respawning soon. We may have bad news if you have had CP to buy the best WoW Classic PvP Sets. 

Blizzard Removes Honor Vendors

Alliance and Horde players have reported that their respective PvP merchants are nowhere to be seen and not respawning. The Honor Vendors have been missing for several hours, and the reason why: Blizzard. The company has temporarily removed these NPCs indefinitely due to a bug being exploited by players, so if you think this is a bug, it’s not, and there is no current fix. 

Conquest Points Reset Cap Bug Exploit

An apparent bug has broken Honor Vendors, wherein pl

ayers can buy as many items as they want. The glitch occurs after you spend all your Conquest Points, and the cap resets immediately. After it was discovered, players have been farming their CP to the max 4000 amount, spending everything to force the reset. A straightforward way of how this works can be seen here.

The bug was primarily exploited in US servers, but  Honor Vendors have also been officially removed in the EU as well. Other regional data centers are likely experiencing the same issue. Unfortunately, Blizzard didn’t indicate how long the Vendors would be gone since they haven’t officially addressed the bug.

Why the Missing Honor Vendors Is an Important Issue

The missing Honor Vendors means that  PvP progression for players has effectively been halted. Players can only spend 4000 Conquest Points every week, so they need to wait for the reset to get more components. Each set has PvP pieces, so it will take several weeks to get everything. In addition, players can also try buying better sets every time their PvP rank goes up until reaching Field Marshal or Warlord status. Here is all the armor available via Honor Vendors:


  • Druid: Lieutenant Commander’s Refuge (Rare) | Field Marshal’s Sanctuary (Epic)
  • Hunter: Lieutenant Commander’s Pursuance (Rare) | Field Marshal’s Pursuit (Epic)
  • Mage: Lieutenant Commander’s Arcanum (Rare) | Field Marshal’s Regalia (Epic)
  • Paladin: Lieutenant Commander’s Redoubt (Rare) | Field Marshal’s Aegis (Epic)
  • Priest: Lieutenant Commander’s Investiture (Rare) | Field Marshal’s Raiment (Epic)
  • Rogue: Lieutenant Commander’s Guard (Rare) | Field Marshal’s Vestments (Epic)
  • Warlock: Lieutenant Commander’s Dreadgear (Rare) | Field Marshal’s Threads (Epic)
  • Warrior: Lieutenant Commander’s Battlearmor (Rare) | Field Marshal’s Battlegear (Epic)


  • Druid: Champion’s Refuge (Rare) | Warlord’s Sanctuary (Epic)
  • Hunter: Champion’s Pursuance (Rare) | Warlord’s Pursuit (Epic)
  • Mage: Champion’s Arcanum (Rare) | Warlord’s Regalia (Epic)
  • Priest: Champion’s Investiture (Rare) | Warlord’s Raiment (Epic)
  • Rogue: Champion’s Guard (Rare) | Warlord’s Vestments (Epic)
  • Shaman: Champion’s Stormcaller (Rare) | Warlord’s Earthshaker (Epic)
  • Warlock: Champion’s Dreadgear (Rare) | Warlord’s Threads (Epic)
  • Warrior: Champion’s Battlearmor (Rare) | Warlord’s Battlegear (Epic)

These sets are tailored specifically for PvP, so those more interested in player-to-player combat will likely try farming the entire set as soon as possible. These sets also provide additional bonuses to further augment their fighting efficiency, so they are the BiS for any PvP-related content. 

Since the Honor Vendors are missing, you can only buy certain complete sets once they are returned to the game. Incomplete armor is very inefficient, so gamers can only use their equipment once they obtain the remaining pieces. And since we can’t access the PvP merchants, we might be forced to use makeshift sets for now.

When Will Blizzard Fix the Bug

The Honor Vendors will likely return once Blizzard resolves the Conquest Points bug. However, Blizzard has yet to address or acknowledge the problem entirely, so we don’t have a definite timeline for the merchants’ return. Gamers will have to wait until then for further announcements.

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