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This is a hub for the latest Everquest news and updates. Check back here often to not miss any information about the game.

Patch 12.11 COUNTDOWN – June 15th, 2022


Everquest Torment of Velious is Now Free

Release Date: June 15th, 2022

  • The expansion and all of its content are now available to free-to-play players.
  • Some Call of the Forsaken item packs is also made available on the same day. It contains a bag, some cosmetics, and other items. For an additional 1000 Daybreak Credits buyers can also get four more items along with the above.

Timeline: Past Events & Updates in EverQuest

June, 2022

Everquest Server Merge

Phinigel and Miraul will be merged with Vox

May 25th, 2022

Vaniki and Yelinak Servers Releasing

Vaniki is a level-locked progression server, while Yelinak is a classic progression server

May 2022

The Tempest Festival

The Tempest Festival started the first week of May and ends on the 15th. Spread the blessings of Karana and participate for rewards!

April 2022

Continued EverQuest Anniversary

Anniversary celebrations are ongoing, with two new missions and the rerun of the 5th to 13th anniversary events. They’ll be available until May 10.
New achievements were added to the starting cities.

April 2022

Bristlebane Day Event

The Bristlebane Day event is for April Fool’s day and ends on April 5. Pies will fly, laughing potions consumed, and pranks to do for these two weeks of practcal jokes.

March 2022

Anniversary Event

Their anniversary was on March 16, bringing with it in-game celebrations. There are log-in rewards, new quests and raids, a sweepstakes to participate in, and some returning events.
The game also has boosted XP rates until the end of March.

March 2022

Stomples Day Event

Stomples Day event is back! It’s the Easter-themed event in Everquest. Players have the chance to solve the mystery of why bunnies come out of eggs. Other Easter-themed activities are also available until April 18.

Feburary 2022

Erollisi Day (Valentines Event)

Erollisi Day, a Valentines-themed event, started yesterday and will last until Feb 16. There will be time-limited quests, items, and other rewards to collect!

Janurary 2022

Community Resource Council

A Community Resource Council is going to be relaunching giving players the opportunity to have their voices heard for future content of the game.

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