Players want a Lethal Company Mimic as a new enemy

lethal company mimic
By | November 28th, 2023 | Categories: Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a horror co-op game where you and other players must scavenge abandoned moons for scraps and bottles to sell to the company you’re working for. There are plenty of spooky creatures you can come across in Lethal Company—not all moons are as empty as they seem. You’ll have plenty of enemies to face, traps to avoid, and Forest Keepers to run away from.

Now, fans of the recently released title have a new enemy idea they’re pitching to Zeekers, the developer behind Lethal Company. It’s called the Mimic, and if Zeekers does plan to add this creature, boy, are we in for a hoot. Considering that a wide variety of monsters are already available, the Mimic sounds like it’d fit right at home.

What’s A Mimic in Lethal Company?

Mimic is a new enemy type that players are proposing in Lethal Company. There have been Reddit posts and Steam discussions about having it in the game, which could add another level of paranoia. We already have the little girl in the red dress, who only one person could see at a time. Then there’s the Eyeless Dog, which can detect you through noise.

According to the suggestions made by players, the Mimic can be a player, a corpse, or an item. For example, it can look exactly like your teammate, complete with the name tag and everything. It would wait until you’re isolated from the rest of your team. You’d think you’re running around with your friend, but it’s a Mimic pretending to be them.

To add another layer of depth, the Mimic would take phrases other players have made in-game to lure you. This idea has spread across multiple online discussions, and everyone agrees that it’s precisely what they’d like to have in Lethal Company. With the Mimic being deceptive and stealthy, it’s bound to add more tension and distrust among players.

Surviving A Mimic Attack in Lethal Company

Dying’s the easy part, but how do you survive when you’re faced with a Mimic? According to the Redditors in the Lethal Company sub, you can identify them with subtle clues, such as shivering and not showing up on the radar.

As we’ve stated, Mimics won’t appear on radar pings, so if you see something—whether it’s an item, a corpse, or another player and it doesn’t show up on the HQ’s screen, then it’s a Mimic.

Mimics can imitate what certain items and players look like, but they can’t do it perfectly. Sometimes, they can shiver or move slightly off. If you see something or someone moving suspiciously, it’s best to whack it with a shovel or a stop sign just to check.

Another trick is to listen carefully. While Mimics can use voice chat to lure or scare players, they can’t use it usually. If you hear someone speaking using a repeated or distorted voiced message, it might be a Mimic trying to trick you.

Finally, it’s best to stick together. Mimics are more likely to attack players who have gone rogue than in groups, so staying with your teammates is safer. The best way to detect if there’s a Mimic within the team is to communicate and confirm their identities. If you see someone who acts strangely or doesn’t respond to you, chances are it might be a Mimic.

An Excellent Addition to the Line Up

Having a Mimic in Lethal Company is an excellent addition. It enhances the horror experience and adds more tension to the room since you have to be careful of what you see and hear. Since the game’s still in Early Access, we won’t be surprised if Zeekers decides to add this new enemy type in future updates. And now, with Lethal Company’s astounding success, there’s hope that the developer will consider community feedback and implement the Mimic soon.

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