Will There Be A Lost Ark Berserker Female?

Lost Ark Berserker Female
By | August 17th, 2022 | Categories: Lost Ark

The Berserker is an advanced class under the Warrior archetype. It is considered one of the heaviest-hitting DPSes in Lost Ark. They wield an enormous sword and deal huge damage with large AoE attacks with slow animation. With Mayhem Engraving, you can easily enter into rage-induced Berserker mode to sweep huge pools of enemies. You gain bonus attack speed, critical damage, and damage reduction while sacrificing a huge chunk of your HP. While they deal so much damage and have been in the meta for a long time, some players want to have the option of playing a Lost Ark Berserker Female?

I presume that the female Berserker class will likely flaunt a similar playstyle and set of abilities compared to the male Berserker. Maybe this is Smilegate’s way of unlocking genders for players to customize their character more in this fantasy-filled masterpiece, beyond simply unlocking genders for classes.

Lost Ark Berserker Female – What are the Chances?

Lost Ark offers a lot of customization for your character, but the only thing that hinders players’ creativity is most classes are gender-locked. Gender-locked classes mean you can’t change your desired class to a male or female, but instead, you’re forced to play what gender your class is. But, there’s a rumor that Smilegate plans to add a female berserker into their character roster.

The Lost Ark Berserker Female first appeared during the LOA on Winter Festival in 2021 without a set release date. In this event, they also announced an incoming class such as Artist(already released), which opens the door for support players. They also added new continents such as ‘Elgacia,’ which features a new abyss dungeon story, adventure tomb, and many more.

In LOA Winter 2021 announcement, they are also planning to add a 3rd awakening that does not take up the same slot as the 1st or 2nd but requires a new gauge. They are also focusing their 2022 to balance and rework some classes to be more viable in the end-game.

When Should I Expect Female Berserker in Lost Ark?

Even though there is no definite release date, considering developing new models from the ground up takes time, female berserker’s release could see the final quarters of 2022. From new animation to armors, it’s only natural for the developers to take their time with new character models. I’m expecting that the female berserker in Lost Ark will be released after Akkan Legion Raid, which could be the hardest raid to beat in the game.

However, this does not necessarily mean that she will simultaneously be released in Lost Ark’s Western version. The European and North American Lost Ark are somehow behind compared to the original Korean version.

As a result, if the female berserker is released in 2022 in Korean, we may only see her in the Western Version in 2023. Lost Ark’s female berserker has sent players into absolute excitement, as we will finally have the chance to play Warrior with feminine yet forceful power and strength. Whether she’ll be a copy of the male Berserker or have a different game styles and unique abilities, she’ll definitely be worth the wait. Tune out for more updates.

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