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Lost Ark News & Roadmap 2022

By | May 12th, 2022 | Categories: Lost Ark

A news roundup for Lost Ark patch notes NA, roadmap coverage, monthly updates, and more. Gamers looking for the most up-to-date news should check back often.

Destined for Destruction Update – May

Destined for Destruction Update is Coming Soon.

  • Legion Raid Valtan (Normal and Hard) will be up and running soon.
  • Destroyer Advanced Class will also be available in the next major patch.
  • Deskaluda will be added to the roster of Guardian Raids.

Destroyer Class – April

  • The Destroyer class’s release will be moved to May. Instead, the Glaivier class will be released within April, potentially next week.
  • A new region, Southern Vern, will be released within this month. This will be the second Tier 3 region in the game.
  • Trial Guardian Raids are currently in the works. 
  • Lost Ark players with Amazon Prime will receive a new set of rewards. Prime Gamers will receive a Silver Raptor Combat Mount, 5 Days Crystalline Aura, and 500 Amethyst Shards.
  • Lost Ark will be launching on NVidia GeForce.
  • Feiton Powerpass and Express Mission Event is now available to help players make more alts.

March – Casual Guardian Raid Event

  • Casual Guardian Raid Event has been added to the game for a limited time. The bosses here are easier to kill and provides tokens for exchanging.

Feburary – Western Release

  • Lost Ark is getting review bombed due to long server queues. Founder’s Pack owners are stuck on a small selection of servers and are unable to login due to wait times.
  • Lost Ark is breaking player count records with its Western release, becoming the second most played game (concurrently) in Steam’s history.

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