CoC Ice Nova Assassin

By | May 21st, 2020 | Categories: Melee Builds

If you want to literally be a cold-blooded killer, then the CoC Ice Nova Assassin may very well be the perfect build for you. It’s got the right balance between survivability and offense, and it’s a pretty affordable build to boot!

Passive Skill Tree and Gems

For the passive skill tree, click here!

Skill Gem Setup


  • Frostbolt  with Cold to Fire and Combustion support gems.
  • Ice Nova with Cold to Fire Support and Elemental Focus support gems.


  • Cyclone with Wave of Conviction, Increased Critical Strikes, Faster Attacks, Fortify, and Cast on Critical Strike.


  • Whirling Blades and Leap Slam with Faster Attacks and Leap Slam.


  • Herald of Ash, Flesh of Stone, Precision, and Summon Skitterbots


  • Vortex, Arcane Surge, and Vaal Righteous Fire with Increased Duration support gem

Gear Setup


  • Cospri’s Malice (Unique) for global critical strike multiplier and triggering of socketed cold spells on melee critical strike.


  • Devoto’s Devotion and Starkonja’s Head are both good options, as they give solid stats, including the dexterity needed for Cospri’s Malice. You can also use a Rare helm that gives bonuses to maximum life, elemental resistances, critical strike chance multiplier, regeneration, and fire resistance reduction of nearby enemies.


  • Any Rare gear with bonuses to elemental resistances, life, frenzy charge on hit, blinding of nearby enemies, and life recovery on kill. Good alternatives Uniques are Loreweave and Carcass Jack.


  • Any Rare gear with bonuses to life, elemental resistances, fire damage bonus, spell damage, and chance to evade attacks, unnerve enemies. Atziri’s Acuity is a good alternative Unique, as it gives life, critical strike chance, and Vaal Pact.


  • Any Rare boots with bonuses to life, elemental resistances, movement speed, cooldown recovery speed, and chance to dodge attack and spell hits.


  • Any Rare belt with bonuses to life, elemental resistances, cooldown recovery speed, spell damage during flask effect, attack speed, and increased fire damage.


  • The Effigon (Unique amulet) for increased dexterity, fire damage and resistance, accuracy, evasion
  • Any Rare rings with bonuses to life, resistances, attack speed, fire damage, spell damage
  • Mark of the Shaper with Elder Rings with bonus curse to enemies with either Poacher’s or Warlord’s Mark on hit


  • Frozen Trail (Unique) for increased projectile damage and speed, and Frostbolt fires two additional projectiles with 40 Intelligence on radius
  • Watcher’s Eye for increased energy shield, life, mana, and modifies three random auras
  • any Rare jewels with bonuses to  life, damage, area damage, fire or cold damage, and spell damage, critical strike chance, and critical strike multiplier


  • Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding recovery/immunity
  • Chemist’s Quartz Flask of Heat for chance to dodge spells and attacks, as well as chill/freeze recovery/immunity
  • Experimenter’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline for increased movement speed
  • Diamond Flask of Warding for lucky critical strike chance and curse recovery/immunity
  • Eternal Mana Flask of Heat for mana recovery and chill/freeze immunity/recovery
  • The Wise Oak (Unique) for increased elemental resistances and damage penetration.

So there you have it, the CoC Ice Nova Assassin. A fire-to-ice melee build that triggers AoE casting, it’s quite the playful yet reliable that you should definitely try.

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