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Melee Blade Flurry Champion

By | April 4th, 2020 | Categories: Melee Builds

Although they still haven’t reached the lofty heights of popularity that build types have, melee classes can be just as good, thanks to the update a few months back. Proof of that is the Melee Blade Flurry Champion.

Passive Skill Tree:

Gem Setup:

  • Core Skill: Blade Flurry with Infused Channeling, Melee Physical Damage, Fortify, Impale, and Brutality support gems. You can swap one support gem for Increased Area of Support when clearing.
  • Secondary DPS: Whirling Blades with Faster Attacks and Blood Magic support gems.
  • Cast When Damage Taken Setup: CWDT with Molten Shell and Increased Duration support gems; add Enfeeble.
  • Buffs/Aura: Pride and Flesh and Stone with Maim and Enlighten support gems; Blood and Sand.
  • Utility: Blood Rage with Enhance support gem, Portal, Dread Banner, Ancestral Protector, Ice Golem.


Weapons and Off-hand: any Rare sword with bonuses to physical damage, elemental damage, increased attack speed, global critical strike chance and multiplier, and can have 3 crafted modifiers.

  • Armor: any Rare six-socketed and linked gear with +1 level to Maim, reduced mana cost of socketed attack gems, and has bonuses to life, armor, elemental resistances, and mana.
  • Head: Abyssus (Unique) for bonuses to all attributes, physical damage to attacks, critical strike chance multiplier, increased armor, and physical damage taken.
    Boots: any Rare greaves with bonuses life, armor, elemental resistances, and stun and block recovery.
  • Belt: Stygian Vyse (Rare) with bonuses to armor, energy shield, life, and elemental resistances.


  • any Rare rings with bonuses to all attributes, critical strike chance, physical and elemental damage, energy shield, and life.
  • any Rare amulet with bonuses to dexterity and intelligence, spell damage, energy shield, physical damage, and life.


  • 3 Crimson Jewels with bonuses to intelligence, one-handed melee weapons and dual wielding attack and critical strike chance, melee damage and strike critical chance, global critical strike chance, life, and damage over time.
  • Viridian Jewel with increased increased melee critical strike chance and multiplier, life, and increased one-handed weapon damage.
  • Murderous Eye Jewel with bonuses to attack speed, critical strike chance, life, and sword attack physical damage.


  • Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding removal/immunity.
  • Chemist’s Basalt Flask of Warding for damage reduction and curse removal/immunity.
  • Chemist’s Silver Flask of Heat for increased movement speed and chill removal/immunity.
  • Lion’s Roar (unique) for +3000 armor, knockback bonus to melee attacks, knock back enemies upon flask use, and bonus physical damage.
  • Chemist’s Diamond Flask of Order for lucky critical strike chance.

There’s really nothing quite like getting up and personal with your enemies, and the Melee Blade Flurry Champion is the perfect build for doing so. So try it out; you’re going to love it!

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