The Best Crates in Rocket League Along with Other Insights

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Rocket League crates are a bit like homework or regular work: every time you think you’ve got it all figured out, you blink and there’s a bunch more of it that you didn’t see coming. Rocket League crates are the same way. If you’re a veteran player and you haven’t opened up the game in a while, you’ll fire it up and not recognize a ton of crates. It can be overwhelming, confusing, and a bit hard to figure out which ones are the “good” crates and which, well, aren’t. Never to fear! In this guide for the Best Crates in Rocket League, I’ll take you through everything you need to know!

How many crates are there?

Let me sum this up in two words: a lot. And the game is only getting more! Until the game literally quits functioning, their developers are pumping out new content like their lives depend on it. That means new wheels, new decals, new boosts, new black market gear, and much more. So, for the practicality of this article, I’m not going to list out every single one available right now, not only because I don’t want to, but because within no time, it will probably be rendered obsolete as more are added. Instead, I’m going to give you something far more valuable long term: an overarching guide with specifics included.

Are you trading?

Before you get into anything else, you need to ask yourself this critical question: is your priority trading or are you simply interested in crates? Here’s why you need to know an answer to that: if you’re a trader, you’re not necessarily looking at the “best” crates. You’re looking at what are the most “valuable” crates, and there can be an important difference. Even if a crate is one you really like, if you’re trading, you might not want to get heavily invested in trying to get them if they are virtually impossible to trade. For the purposes of this article, here’s what we’ll pretend: you’re a gamer who trades, but you also just like opening crates as well.

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What’s the hottest crate?

Right off the bat, when a new crate lands, it’s going to be highly coveted. Nearly every single time, people go wild for the hot new item. It’s value soars and everyone simply must get one. Given some time, whether it be a couple days or a couple weeks, eventually the market dies down and becomes saturated, at which point it’ll level out in value. Here’s a tip: never, under almost any circumstances, trade to get these crates initially. I’ve known people who have given up black market decals to get the newest crate and, within a day or two, the crate value plummeted and they were out of luck.

Don’t. Do. That.

That being said, it’s a very good idea to trade away your hot new crates. You can get some great deals, and it’s smart to get some already settled out items instead of the wildly fluctuating prices of new crates. Also, note that there is an exception: special event crates are rarely valuable. Halloween crates, for example, hit with a whimper. There’s something about special event crates that just don’t catch on most of the time.

How about the worst crate?

You guessed it! Special event crates will destroy you if you try to collect them. It might seem like a great idea, but trust me—it’ll backfire sooner or later. Eventually, regardless of if it makes sense at the time, you’ll regret holding onto many of them. Most of the items inside are unpopular, making them virtually impossible to get a good value for (including trading directories). They level out at very low prices in record time, over and over. Sometimes, people will not even take them for free, though to be fair, I’ve only seen that happen a few times.

Should I hold onto discontinued crates?

Let me sum this up in a single word: yes. Discontinued crates hold their value amazingly well because their supply only gets smaller. Once all of them have been opened, since Rocket League isn’t putting any more of them out, guess what—they’re gone forever. Because of this, they’re highly coveted and hard to find. One example is the Champion Crate series (1, 2, 3, 4). They’ve been retired, and they’re very rare. The longer you hold onto them, the rarer they become. Additionally, they generally have “classic” items that people love. People won’t be nearly as impressed with an Overdrive as they are with a Champion Crate 1, for instance. Of course, you could open them and you might get something good, but remember that they are valuable as crates and often the results of opening them are disappointing at best.

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What’s the best crate?

Obviously, this is a very polarizing question, and there’s certainly some debate. However, according to my personal opinion and a general consensus, here’s what I will say: the best crate is the one that has the largest percentage of the best and most coveted stuff. This does, of course, vary with time. But take the Player’s Choice Crates, for example. They’re stock full of awesome gear that gives the opener a higher chance of getting something amazing, like Titanium White Zombas or Titanium White Dracos. If you go through the ratings for everything you can get in one of them, it’s honestly through the roof compared to most of the other ones. The Haunted Hallows crates are the exact opposite: none of the stuff in there is terribly coveted, so it certainly isn’t in the running.


In conclusion, there is no best single crate in the game (at least not an undisputed one). There are many that are in the running. In this guide for the Best Crates in Rocket League, I took you through some of the most important things to know about the crate culture. I showed you some of the pitfalls that can be tempting (new crates, special events), about how to distinguish the most valuable crates in the game, and what kind of crates you should never, ever take for granted (discontinued). I hope you learned something with this article, and as usual, get out there and have some fun!

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