The Best Rocket League Goals to Stuff That Ball and More

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Best Rocket League Goals. Huh. It’s something of an open-ended question and it’s massively up to interpretation, but here’s the crash course: some goals are much better than others. Sometimes, it’s easy or boring or bland. Sometimes, when you dunk the ball on the other team, you might get up and do a little happy dance. That’s cool. I don’t mind if you do that. Is it weird? Yeah, I think so. But you and I both know dang well that not all goals are born the same. Here, in this article of the Best Rocket League Goals, I’ll take you through what I believe are the most satisfying ways to stuff that ball in the net!

What are the Best Rocket League Goals?

There’s no grading scale that makes a goal good or bad. Any goal is a good one (unless it’s a self-score, then ignore that sentence), but obviously some are more fun than others and generally, it comes off about three reasons:  who your teammates are, who the other team is, and what the situation at hand is. The most points I have ever seen scored in a duos game was 21, and the other team was actively trying. That was less fun that you might imagine because somewhere around fifteen goals, I started feeling bad or them. Or take 52-1, and no I did not type that incorrectly, a competitive solo game I participated in. I got up fast, then I got bored and quickly found myself waiting for the timer to run out. Generally, for a goal to be fun, you have to be in an intense game and struggling hard to win.

Aerials, Anyone?

Aerials can be one of the all-time most satisfying things on the planet because they stay exciting, no matter what mode you’re playing. Solos? Duos? Threes? Fours? Whatever mode comes out? All the same. Everyone watches you go up for the ball and generally an enemy player flies to meet you, so it becomes a colossal battle for who gets there first. When you miss, everyone sees and it’s not so much fun.

But when you hit it… and you see the ball arcing towards the goal over frantic defenders… not a lot can beat that feeling.

What About Overtime/Last Second Goals?

Another key way to get yourself on the fast-track to enjoying Rocket League to the fullest is pulling off a last second or overtime goal after an intense game. However it happens, regardless of if it’s a little tap to get it in or a long-distance aerial, it’s a delightfully fun sensation because you know that you came through for your team when they needed you.

I should warn you: don’t trash talk the other team if this happens. Actually, never trash talk because it just adds toxicity, but especially now. Scoring like this means the game was a close one and everyone tried their best. You wouldn’t want someone to do it to you, would you? Also, if you scored, it often means that someone on the other team failed to save it. Don’t be a jerk. Celebrate with your teammates, but be gracious and enjoy your victory!

Do You Like Trash Talkers?

Of course not. Nobody does. Trash talkers are the bane of everyone’s existence because they are rude for no reason. Miss a save that you shouldn’t have? Even if your teammates don’t mind or are supportive, you better bet those enemy trash talkers will be there to remind you every step of the way. Wrecking them gives immense pleasure.

Naturally, scoring against trash talkers is one of the most enjoyable experiences known to the video gaming world. I’ve played tons of games, and yet I will always remember the one night where me and my friend played a duo that got up fast on us and, comfortable in their victory, started to crap talk us. I’m not talking about “you suck.” I’m talking serious stuff. Me and my buddy came back from four points behind and won by one, much to our amusement. They wanted a rematch and the same thing happened again: we got behind and came back. After literally five games, me and my buddy were shrieking in delight like schoolgirls at every clutch last-second comeback. Several of the matches ended in overtime with miraculously timed shots by our team.

I didn’t tell you this story to brag or randomly recite some story. I told you because that happened over two years ago and it was still so memorable that every now and again, I ask my buddy, “do you remember those trash-talking idiots that —” And we’ll get to laughing about it again. There’s very little sweeter than wrecking people who seem compelled to point out every mistake.

Can You Carry Me?

Okay, this one is less understandable than the others. Carrying people is when you do all or most of the work on your team, meaning that you’re the one scoring goals, you’re making saves and doing all the stuff you should. More importantly, it means that you’re a standout among your teammates. Maybe you’re playing exceptionally well today because you just had an energy drink or something. Maybe your teammates are playing bad because they are sleepy. Everyone has good games and bad ones.

Carrying can be annoying because quality teammates can make the game more fun. Then again… if you pull off a win basically by yourself, it’s awesome. You can feel the frustration of the enemy team and the admiration of your own team.


Rocket League is a great game…. And it can always be better. I’m not going to say that running across a trash-talking player is a “good” thing because it isn’t. Beating a trash-talking player is where it gets hilarious. Clutch goals that win the game are, obviously enough, thrilling. Carrying can be a lot more enjoyable than ya might expect.

Did I cover all the best ways to score? Absolutely not. I could write a thousand articles about all the precise ways. Take dribbling. Dribbling past other players will make you feel great, or slow-rolling a ball and watching people misjudge how fast it’s going and letting it roll at the speed of smell into the net. There are literally unlimited ways. Everyone gets their kicks off different things, but here, I’ve outlined three ways that I think most of us can agree on. I’d like to point out something important here: be respectful. Don’t be the smack-talking moron that gets dunked on. If your teammate makes a game-winning shot (or an enemy player, if you’re feeling generous), tell them it was clutch! Together, we can make Rocket League a safe and fun environment for everyone.

Until next time… get out there and have some fun!

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