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How to Get Good at Rocket League

How to Get Good at Rocket League
By | October 21st, 2018 | Categories: Rocket League

Rocket League is a fantastic game. There’s a reason that it’s so remarkably untouched by time and why people still play it no matter what: because it’s fun! Rocket League has everything, from exciting gameplay to smooth driving controls to teamwork. It’s got trading and an amazing amount of customization options. There are even huge championships watched by an immense audience. Unfortunately, if you’re just getting into it, this can be all very intimidating and overwhelming. There’s just so much stuff going on now, so that’s why I’m here to cut through and give you a clear few steps you need to take to start off or just improve in this How to Get Good at Rocket League article.

Where do I begin with How to Get Good at Rocket League?

Let’s say you just cracked open the game, completed the setup and training, and now you have not the faintest idea what to do. You might or might not watch the streams and all you want to do is get out there and do stuff, but there are so many options and you don’t know entirely what to do. Here’s what I suggest: Play Three’s, noncompetitive. The fun thing about threes is that you have teammates to help you and it takes some pressure from your shoulders to perform. It’s, at least to me, more beneficial towards improvement than fours, which is basically just a stadium of death at that point and it gets so ridiculous that it’s hard to even process what in the blazes is going on.

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Consider Watching Streamers

If you want to get good at something like Rocket League, it helps to see someone do it right. When I started playing, I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t watch anyone play, so I bumbled along for longer than I’d like to admit. It’s a lot easier to do it right when you’ve seen it done. Does that mean that you have to watch them to be a talented player? No. But does it help? It does! Give it a shot!

Play Aggressive

One thing that I see a lot of beginners doing is playing very passive because they don’t want to take any risks and miss the ball. They might camp in the goal the whole time or they go for a shot every other game, that kind of thing. Ladies and gents, it’s virtually impossible to improve like that. All that does it make you increasingly nervous about messing up and then you stagnate. Be aggressive! Will you always make the play? No, of course not. Not even the best in the world always do it right. As someone who saw a huge boost in my abilities after I got more aggressive and confident, I’m here to tell you that you’ll be better off in the short and long run to take those risks.

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How important are aerials?

Oh, Aerials. My natural born enemy. For an embarrassingly large portion of my Rocket League career, I didn’t go for Aerials, ever. I was always very accurate from the ground, so I would generally wait until everyone who went for the aerial to miss it and then I would go in for the ender from the ground.

That strategy works great until you get into higher levels and people no longer miss their aerials. To answer the question, aerials are vital. Start practicing as soon as you feel comfortable because if you can master it before everyone else, you’ll be wrecking them. Conversely, if you don’t leave the ground in later levels, you will have a very hard time being successful.

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How about trading?

A  great player with a bland car looks weird to a lot of players. Though some greats play with base cars, a lot more people like to customize their cars and the best way to get customization options is through trading. However, fair warning: there is a good part of trading, and there’s a very bad part. The good? You get access to great stuff! The bad? If you don’t trade safely, you could get scammed pretty easily by a smooth-talker or the old switcheroo or any other scam. Here’s my tip: if you want to trade, use a knowledgeable friend until you get the hang of it. Getting into it can be a challenge, so make sure you have someone you trust to walk you through it. Or, if you prefer, use one of the registered middlemen like PlayerAuctions.

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Should I play with my high-level friends?

Oh, this is an important question here. The temptation, of course, is that you just bought the game and you want to play with your friends. Maybe you’re just starting off and they’re a Legend, but it would be a snap to play together. But should you? I would say no. When you’re starting off, play with your experience level. There’s not a lot more frustrating to be trying to compete with people who have a very solid handle on the game when you’re still trying to figure out which button makes you jump.

Of course, if you do end up playing with your buddies because it is quite fun, don’t be discouraged if you have some trouble keeping up, especially at the beginning. If you’re Level 1 and they’re Level 200, you’ll be playing with Level 100s, which will be far more experienced. Just keep that in mind, though there is something to be said about improving from playing better opponents. The only reason I discourage it at first is that it can be easy to get discouraged.

Play Nice

Rocket League is best when you’re having a blast with your teammates. It’s easiest if you get people you already know, but if you don’t, that’s fine. If your teammate makes a great play, tell them through the little quick-chat option. Getting a friendly team makes it so much better. I always play better when I’m comfortable. Teamwork is key. Passing, setting up your teammate (and subsequently getting set up) is what makes it all work and gives you the fullest experience.


Today, I took you through some of the most important ways in How to Get Good in Rocket League. It’s a great game and I can’t recommend it enough! If you follow these guidelines, it’ll make it easier for you to improve by the day and soon, you’ll be devastating your opponents!   Get out there and have some fun!

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    I hear it takes a while to learn and master.. but it’s only challenging to learn once you get the hang of it, it’s fun

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