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I have good news for you — I’m about to make your day a lot better by telling you something cool that you might not know about — New Rocket League Ranks! For this guide, I’m going to act like you have no idea what they are. I’m going to go over every little piece that I can regarding the ranking system and what it all means, and hopefully, by the time I’m done talking to ya, you’ll have a better understanding of what it all means. So kick back, relax, and let me take you on a journey.

What’s Rank/Ranked Play

I like to start off every blog piece I write with a basic summary of what we’re talking about. It doesn’t make a lick of sense for me to prattle on about the specifics of something that you might not know about.

Ranks. It’s a basic concept, and nothing is surprising about the way Rocket League interprets it. There are a couple different meanings that people might have when they say “rank” regarding Rocket League. For your convenience, I’ll explain both and you are just going to have to go off context clues to understand whoever you’re talking to about rank.

Rank Itself

First off, we have what’s called Rank. Rank itself is directly related to what level you are in the game. Starting off, you’re a Semi-Pro, then a Pro, then Expert, then Master, then Legend, and finally Rocketeer. It goes purely off level. That’s good news because if you’re absolutely terrible, it’s fine and you’ll still be a Rocketeer eventually because it’s all based on getting experience points.

Something I’d like to point out to you is this—it’s going to be pretty easy to jump from Semi-Pro to Pro. You’re going to get a lot of drops and you’re going to be just flying through the levels. Once you hit Master, it’s going to significantly rise in the amount of time and effort it takes to level up. Even though you haven’t changed anything, it requires a lot of experience points to move through each level. Once you make it to Legend, it takes about seventy-three years to level up. I’m just kidding of course, but still, the truth is that it takes forever to level up the higher you get. Just a warning!

Ranked Play

The other thing people sometimes mean by Rank is Competitive Ranking.That’s where you play ten placement matches in Competitive play then you get a rank, where they put you in a category with other players based on your skill level and how many of the games you won. Because of this, it’s important to get good teammates in these initial rounds. I would suggest trying to find some of your buddies and getting in a party together. Trusting a complete stranger to make the shot is much less likely. Who knows? Maybe your buddy isn’t very good, but at least you know they’ll miss the shot and you can be prepared.

Though it seems like the terms change every year or two, it follows the same basic system. Right now, the current rankings go in classic terms. For example, though there are many different rankings, there’s a part that goes Silver to Bronze to Gold to Platinum to Diamond and so forth.

To move from, say, Platinum to Diamond, you need to win games. Shocker, I know. But all joking aside, there are four levels to each grouping. Let’s say you’re in Platinum Division 3 and your goal is to make it to Diamond Division 1. You need to win three games to go to Platinum Division 4. It’s annoying, but basically, here’s the reasoning: you start at the lowest part of Division 3. If you lose right then, you go to Division 2. If you win, you go to the midpoint of Division 3, so if you lose then, it’s fine, you’ve just gone down to the bottom tier again. If you’re in the middle tier of a division and you win, you go to the top tier and the next win will put you into the next division itself. Every now and then, there have been stories of people jumping Divisions. It’s pretty simple to do—just wreck. Devastate your opponents and Rocket League will bump you up quickly to get to opponents better suited to your skill level.

The interesting thing I’d like to point out here: right when you’re in Division 4 on any of the Ranks, you’re going to come across what’s often called a Division Up game. Essentially, that’s where Rocket League sees how close you are to playing with the next tier and they toss you in the rink with someone that might be a Division 4 of the next rank. In other words, if you’re Platinum 4, Division 4, there’s a solid chance that you’re going to be playing someone that’s high to mid Diamond. It’s a test. Generally, in other words, just watch out and make sure that you’re prepared every time you’re getting close to moving into another category. I would especially advise not playing a buddy that’s also leveling up. If it’s both of your Division Up games, you will play extremely challenging people.


Hopefully, you learned a few things today about Rank and Ranked play. If not, er, tell your friends you did anyway! I kid, I kid. But in all seriousness, Rank is something that’s fun to know about. The higher level you get, the more bragging rights you can have! Moreso, Rank and Ranked Play are what prevents you from blowing someone out because of massive skill differences—or getting blown out, for that matter—and for that, we remain thankful for the system.

As usual, get out there! Go fire up the game and have some fun!

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