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Rocket League Christmas Event 2017 with Frosty Fest

Rocket League Christmas Event
By | December 21st, 2017 | Categories: Rocket League

It’s that wonderful time of the year once again, where video games embrace the festive holidays by bringing fans some festive treats. The indie smash hit Rocket League will be no exception to this rule, with the introduction of the new Rocket League Christmas Event : Frosty Fest.

Frosty Fest Snowflakes

Frosty Fest is now currently underway and is scheduled to run until January 2nd. So how does the event work, and how will it get Rocket League players into the festive spirit? If you go back to October, you may remember a similar event known as the Haunted Hallows, which of course, related to Halloween at the time. This would see a number of new content based around that particular holiday, with a difference being that players could earn candy corn as a form of currency to unlock additional items.

This time around, players can earn snowflakes instead of candy corn, which will have the same effect as before. Not only that, but there is a number of new items that help your battle car showcase your Christmas cheer, with yuletide antennas and toppers available to choose.

Score and Celebrate

That’s not all. There will now be twice the celebration when scoring, thanks to the new goal explosion and cheer that will literally see presents exploding out of the goal. It wouldn’t be Christmas either without a bit of snow, so you can expect to see the majority of the playing fields to be coated in white powder for that extra added touch. Be sure to spend your hard earned snowflakes on the new winter crate that is available too.

It has certainly been a special year for Rocket League. After two years of rising popularity, we have now seen the game expand even further, most noticeably from its release on the Nintendo Switch, which brought a wealth of Nintendo exclusive content, such as battle cars based on franchises, including Mario & Luigi and Metroid. Not only that, but we have also seen the game issue physical releases with a recent announcement, which will come as good news particularly to Nintendo Switch owners since digital downloads can sometimes be quite time consuming on that particular system.

Final Thoughts

With the sheer amount of updates that we have seen in 2017, that have brought us plentiful new content such as new game modes, new arenas, vehicles, explosions, cosmetics and much more, it’s a great way to top off the year by celebrating its success with some Christmas festivities.

If you’ve not played Rocket League since the update came in, you can expect a short download time to bring Frosty Fest into the game. So put on your Santa hat, equip your Gifts rocket trail, and head out into the snow for another epic encounter in the immensely popular soccer-car hybrid that has brought delight to many across all platforms. You have until January 2nd to do so, which should be plenty of time for you to indulge in what Psyonix has to offer you this Christmas.

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