A Rocket League Custom Map Creator Might be Coming!

A Rocket League Custom Map Creator Might be Coming
By | November 2nd, 2020 | Categories: Rocket League

Players of the hit game Rocket League have been asking its developers, Psyonix, for a custom map creator. ‘Since the game went free to play, gameplay became stagnant,’ fans say. ‘We want a new way to play the game and so we want a Rocket League Custom Map Creator,’ they continued.

Is a Rocket League Custom Map Creator a Good or Bad Thing?

The idea of a custom map creator isn’t by all means new. Many games have this kind of feature. Among the big names in games, Fortnite and Minecraft have this kind of feature. There’s also Overwatch to an extent and Mario Maker for the console. So, does this mean all good things for a Rocket League Custom Map Creator? Let’s look at the variables.

The Good

Different people have different mindsets. A game’s creative mode frees people’s creativity and affords them to express their ideas in all kinds of unique ways. Take, for example, Mario Maker. The game is basically an obstacle course you have to run and jump through. However, with Mario Maker, you can add a deeper level of challenge by turning it into a puzzle. Others have made it into a difficult, frustrating challenge, but that only makes success even sweeter!

Then, some made things like a piano or a more randomized course. These things didn’t exist in the original game. These avid players made these things that wouldn’t have crossed the developers’ minds. That is the power of a creative mode!

In Fortnite’s case, more than the method of self-expression to be shared, players have the opportunity to earn money. If other players liked their island, they choose to sponsor the creator. Then again, that’s just a side bonus for the creator who only wants to share their ideas with others.

The Bad

Sandbox games are good. Freedom lets players do their own thing and set goals for themselves. That goes well with many players. However, for the other kind of players, they want a bit more of a guiding hand, and this kind of game won’t sit well with them. Some others want to play and know the story, and that’s the end of the experience they want.

What does this say about a Rocket League Custom Map Creator?

Well, that only means that not everybody will be satisfied with a Rocket League Custom Map Creator. You can’t please everybody, but that doesn’t mean you can strike a balance. That’s the only thing we can hope for.

Players are asking for a feature that can breathe fresh air into what they think is stagnating gameplay. Does that mean the developers should listen? Maybe.

The fact of the matter is there’s no right answer to that question. Of course, this kind of model can be very successful. Just look at how popular OSRS is after all these years. They’ve built the game through the votes of the players about the content of the next update.

Then again, there were those games in which customer feedback messed up. Actually, it was more like feedback didn’t give these games a chance and ‘ruined’ it for everybody else. Game development is a tricky thing.

It’s a mishmash of several parts. There’s what the developers want to do, what the publishers want to do, and especially the expectations of the players. Developers have to balance all these desires and expectations to create a ‘good’ game. If any of them clash with each other, the game would end up a mess and won’t be well received.

The Conclusion

While a Rocket League Custom Map Creator can breathe life back in stagnant gameplay, that doesn’t mean it will satisfy everybody. It will alleviate the boredom for now, but what about in the future? If Psyonix doesn’t add new content, Rocket League Custom Maps can’t support the game for long. There must be a balance between player-created content and developer-made content.

It’s a good idea, but only when handled correctly. Sometimes the players want something that seems good but might ruin the game if implemented. The developers have to carefully examine the effects a new feature can create. From there, they should decide whether to implement it or not.

As for a Rocket League Custom Map Creator, it’s not a far-fetched idea. But who knows what the future will hold? Maybe the devs will answer, or it could be something totally different.

Still, continue enjoying Rocket League!

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