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Rocket League News
By | August 21st, 2018 | Categories: Rocket League

Rocket League. You know it. You love it. Well, maybe. Maybe you haven’t heard of it, but for this article, we’re going to guess you’re like millions of people out there. Here’s your story—you used to play it all the time, but you got distracted and quit playing for a while. Maybe you became a big Fortnite gamer or something. Anyway, you’ve returned to Rocket League out of nostalgia and you realize—holy cow, it looks different. But what’s up with Rocket League News?

What’s new, pussycat (or should I say, Rocket League)?

Tom Jones would be proud of this article. I’ve been playing Rocket League basically since it came out, and recently I returned to it after a while of not playing it. Goodness, it’s got all kinds of new stuff in it! The inventory system is different, as is trading. There are new maps and new cars. It’s just the wheels of the game turning, but over the horizon, there’s always progress.

One big thing that deserves to be mentioned is Cross-Platform Play. Another is crates. Another “biggie” is the Language Ban System. In this article, I will take you through them!

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Are you excited about Cross-Platform Play?

I am. Cross-Platform play should, in my opinion, be something that’s just a part of it all. The only reason it shouldn’t be feasible is politics, which we see over and over between the major gaming companies.

If you aren’t familiar, Cross-Platform play means you can play with anyone, regardless of if they’re on Xbox, Playstation, PC… you name it. Since the game came out, people have been talking about it. I play Xbox. Why can’t I play with my buddies on Playstation? It’s not like it would be complex. Rocket League said in a press release that if Sony and Microsoft quit bickering, they’d have it up and running in less than an hour. Well, unfortunately, they haven’t resolved their differences yet and so we’re stuck with only partial Cross-Platform play—the Xbox One, Switch, and PC will be participating. As the owner of a PS4, shame on you, Sony, for being the stick in the mud.

Regardless, this update is coming out soon! There’s been a delay, but it’s supposed to be out before the end of 2018.

What’s going on with crates?

I’ve been playing long enough to remember how thrilling the first crate was when I initially saw it. It was so flashy and cool looking that I couldn’t wait to get some awesome stuff out of it. I probably got some dorky decal or something, but my excitement didn’t falter when the next wave of crates emerged. Then the third… and the fourth… and fifth…

It seems like you blink and more crates comes out. It’s actually remarkable. If you miss an update and return boom, you’re looking at all-new gear. It’s designed to keep the game fresh and new, and I’ll be darned if they don’t do a great job on it.

In a few years, someone will read this post, roll their eyes, and say “well, duh, that stuff’s old.” Well, guess what, mysterious reader from the future? I bet this one still applies! As long as this game is still in the public eye, they’ll be pumping out new crates like their lives depend on it. For those of us that like to trade, it’s an aggravation because all the prices are wanky and unpredictable, but a general rule of thumb to remember is that new stuff always gets very valuable when it first comes out then, after a while, it generally lowers.

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Is it the death of trash talkers?

Rocket League has a whole lot of great things about it, but let me tell you something—every now and again, you’ll run into someone unbelievably toxic. It’s just a part of gaming, and unfortunately, Rocket League is no exception.

There will always be someone out there throwing out racial slurs, homophobic remarks, or any number of things that can ruin playing. I’m there to have some fun. I don’t want to hear some troll trying to tick people off, confident that they’ll never get caught because the banning system is not terribly sophisticated and there are ways to say anything without getting in trouble for it.

Well… guess what, hostile Keyboard Warrior. Your days of glory are over because the Language Ban System is rolling out in a matter of days. It’s actually pretty interesting and it’s anyone’s guess how well it will work, but the producers insist it’ll be a game changer. As of right now, there are 20 phrases that will automatically get someone banned if the message gets reported. Obviously, not everyone is going to be throwing out insults in perfect spelling or grammar. Luckily for the good players, the phrases come in a variety of ways. Trying to spell it sneakily won’t work because the game will pick it up.

Offenders will get a short ban of 24 hours, which is something of a slap on the wrist. Do it again, and it becomes longer. If you do it enough, you’ll get permanently banned.


Rocket League’s not done.

And it won’t be done as long as it keeps updating. The only way to survive in the evolving game industry is to roll with the punches and stay relevant, and Rocket League is determined to not fade off into the middle distance as yet another forgotten title.

Personally, I don’t think Rocket League is going down anytime soon. I still see people playing it all the time and fresh content is being released on a nearly monthly basis, making sure it never gets stale. If you don’t play for a while and fire up the game to see everything exactly as you left it… it’s probably a bad sign. So, personally, I’m delighted to see that everything is changing.

As always, get out there and have some fun!

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