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Have you ever watched a professional Rocket League gamer? Maybe it was a streamer, or a friend, or a contract player. Anyway, they do some amazing things, but it looks so painfully easy and you might have gone home and tried to do the same thing. But, unless you happen to be absolutely amazing, you will not probably be able to do it. Don’t worry! There are some easy ways that you might be holding yourself back, and I’ll teach you some of them in this Rocket League Pro Camera Settings article!

Are you looking at the ball?

On the first inspection, this might sound like a joke, but it’s a surprisingly large reason behind some players not being able to do their best. Rocket League has a thing called “Ball Cam,” which basically dictates whether the camera is always looking at the ball or if it’s looking at the direction your car is pointing.

For the love of everything holy, have Ball Cam on. I have some friends who insist on never turning it on. These are the same friends that are some of the worst players I have met. Coincidence? I think not. Seriously, though. Save yourself a headache and turn it on. Some players like to toggle it when shooting for things like boost, but be careful if you do that, because the ball might be heading your way and you won’t see it. I’m somewhere around 300 hours of playing at the time I’m writing this, and if I turn Ball Cam off, I could be beaten by an unplugged toaster.

Also, make sure that “Ball Cam Indicator” and “Ball Arrow” are on in the Interface Settings because those can also make a world of difference.

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Are you distracted by pretty things?

No, I don’t mean your significant other. I mean effects. Effects, though fun, can be distracting to some people. What are effects? They’re interesting visuals that can be changed in the “Video” settings in Rocket League itself.

Most of them are cosmetic, such as whether you have weather effects or lens flares. A few have serious implications on your playstyle. One of the most important is “Transparent Goalposts,” which, you guessed it, mean you are either can see through the goalposts, or you can’t. I advise leaving it checked so you will not have your vision restricted. The power of a PC needs to be considered here, too. If you have trouble running extra features, turn them off for a better overall performance.

What’s Vertical Sync?

Vertical Sync is my nemesis.

Officially, it “synchronizes your framerate with your display’s refresh rate. Reduces screen tearing but may increase input delay.” In layman’s terms, it makes the game unplayable in certain situations. If you have intense lag and you can’t figure out why this is likely the offender. I have 300 mbps internet, an Xbox One X, and a brand-new Samsung 4k 65” TV with GameSync, all hooked up with ethernet and running through a top-notch receiver. There is zero reason that I should lag, and yet I did.

It wasn’t all the time. It was just here and there, which made it so elusive. I tracked my ping and I was doing fine, and I had no problems with any other games. Vertical Sync was the villain the whole time. Villain, I say! *shakes fist at sky*. If you’re having a similar thing, turn it off. Your lag will vanish, and you’ll be able to play again. To put it simply, it will destroy your ability to do anything competently if you aren’t careful.

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Are you communicating?

Another thing that can be holding a player back is that they are awful at communication. Sometimes, yes, teammates can be trash-talking and frustrating to deal with. This is not for those situations. This is for the person who doesn’t know that they can join game-chat and talk with your teammates in-game easily.

So, for the person who wants to rise in the ranks, put on your mic and work together. That way, you won’t be in that ever-uncomfortable situation where nobody’s back to defend the goal and everyone went for the one aerial.

To make sure you can talk on game chat for Rocket League, go to the “Gameplay” Settings and make sure to allow Voice Chat.

Are you Colorblind?

Okay, this is probably not a question that you expected me to ask you today, but here we go. One of my best friends of eight years running (the guy who taught me to play Rocket League) had a lot of trouble with seeing what was going on and making out friend from foe.

Well, you guessed it. He’s colorblind, and then he discovered the options for colorblind modes. Although it’s wildly confusing for me anytime I play at his TV, his game has gotten exponentially better because he can now make out everything like it was intended. Just like the right display, having the right visual mode can make all the difference. It can be found in the Interface Settings.

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What’s your sensitivity at?

This is one of the more obvious problems that can be easily fixed, but in case you want a review of what sensitivity settings are, they’re how fast you look around and react. That doesn’t, in Rocket League, mean that you necessarily turn all that much faster. It just means that you will look around in different speeds, and as someone who has messed with them quite a bit, do yourself a favor and keep them in the middle somewhere. Too high, or too low, and you’re shooting yourself in the foot.


You might very well have the blood of a great Rocket League player flowing through your veins, but if you aren’t using the right settings, you will never reach your highest. In this Rocket League Pro Camera Settings guide, I took you through some of the questions that you should be asking yourself. Luckily, most of the settings are easily changed and returned to the default if you don’t like the alteration. Mess around! See what you like, but always make sure to relax and enjoy yourself.

Get out there and have some fun!

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