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Howdy! Hello! Welcome back! This is your best buddy blogger here, giving you another fascinating article about gaming. Today, we’ll be talking about Rocket League. What specific part, you ask, quivering with anticipation? Cue the drumroll! Today, I’ll be giving you a guide about the craziest, zaniest, most outlandish thing currently available in the great game of Rocket League: Rumbbbbblllleee! Okay, it’s actually just “Rumble,” but I think it goes better than another way. Anywhoo, sit back and relax as I take you through this Rocket League Rumble guide!

What is Rumble?

First things first—what’s Rumble? If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry. Some people, even people that have played a great deal, don’t venture too much into the other modes available. Without giving you a ton of information right now and making your head spin, I’m gonna keep it nice and basic. It’s your average Rocket League game mode—two goals, two teams, one ball. The point is to score on the other team while keeping your precious goal safe. So what’s the magic? What’s new and different?




I mean, you can already fly and destroy things, but this gives you more. You want a twenty-foot boxing glove to come flying out of your car on a spring to hit the ball from halfway across the court? Rumble’s got ya covered. You want to get covered in spikes that cling to the ball if you touch it with amazing resolve, then dodge the defenders and the you-and-the-ball combo score to great acclaim? Sure, why not! Every ten seconds, you get a random power (or powerup, depending on who you’re talking to). Your teammates and the other team get the same powerups, too, so watch out!


I think one of the important things to do in this mode is to realize that all these random superpowers can’t be used the same way. I mean, it would be handy, but realistically, you can’t do that. Each ability has such tremendous variation that you’d inevitably screw everything up if you acted like they had the same properties. I’m going to take you through a couple different play styles and tell you what you’re best powerups will probably be.

Shooting is a vital part of the game. Rumble’s shooting is cool because you can take shots like normal by hitting it with the edge of your car, or you can wait and get a powerup and use it instead or in conjunction.

I told ya a little bit about the boxing glove. It fires off in a straight line at the ball when you’re close enough for it to lock on, shooting it with tremendous force. You can easily get full court shots with these babies. They’re decent at saving the ball, but mostly, you’re going to want to use them for shooting.

Another quality power up for most anything is one where you become incredibly powerful. Any enemy car that even grazes you will detonate. The ball will fly off you faster than you can, I dunno, say “oops.” Practically no normal shot can come close to matching the speed you can get with that.

The Magnet

Ah, yes, the magnet. The bane of my existence. It emits a weak magnetic field around you that attracts the ball, making the ball’s movement very hard to predict. It’s a killer if you can use it properly, but most people just kinda flail around and get lucky or unlucky with it.

Of course, I can’t brush over the Spikes, which is great for most anything. If you touch the ball with spikes, you have a solid chance of scoring. The only ways to stop Spikes is to kill the user with them or hit the ball hard enough to dislodge it — both of which can be challenging to pull off in the heat of the moment.

There are other options, but generally speaking, those are the biggies for shooting and attacking in general.

Messing up the Other Team

Only half the game is scoring. The other half and keeping the other guys from scoring on you. Luckily for you, Rumble has a bunch of ways to do both. Many of the powerups can be annoying, but others are literally meant to troll the other guys.

The Tornado

You emit a gigantic swirling tornado that gulps up and tosses around anything you get near. Neither cars nor the ball stands a chance, but it’s very hard to shoot with because it’s unbelievably tricky to predict what’ll happen.

The Unwanted Boost

You can pick an enemy car and make them boost endlessly until the powerup wears off, which sounds like it would be a help, but it’s actually impressively devastating.

The Boot

It’s similar to the boxing glove except it sends out a big ole’ boot to kick enemy players out of the way. It’s hilarious, effective, and annoying.


You can also switch places with certain members of the other team. You lock onto them, activate the powerup, and blamo, you’re where they were and they’re where you were. It’s great for clearing out goals. If you’re a natural savage, you can teleport a defender and steal your friend’s shot. Will they be happy with you? Probably not, but use your discretion and go for it when the time seems right!

One solid way to keep people from scoring is the suction cup (or plunger). A giant plunger comes flying out of your car and snatches the ball if you’re close enough. There’s a winch that starts dragging the whole contraption back, effectively slinging it in the direction of your choice! Some people are awful at the timing of this, but others are deadly with it.


I hope you learned a little something today about Rumble! It’s certainly not a game mode for everyone as it is absolutely insane and hectic, but I recommend giving it the ole’ college try to see if you like it. It’s been around a long while and it shows no sign of going away anytime soon. Get out there and have some fun!

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