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Rocket League is a fantastic game that mixes up fast-paced gameplay, solid visuals, endless customization, and strategy-based concepts. Now, someone who’s never played might scratch their head and say that there isn’t anything that’s difficult about it—why, it’s just driving around a little car and knocking a ball into a net. Simple, right? Not so fast! As anyone who’s played any time in Rocket League will admit, strategy is crucial to success! In this Rocket League Strategy guide,I’ll take you through everything you need to know about strategy and how to use it to your advantage while having fun!

What’s rule number one?

We aren’t going to beat around the bush here, ladies and gentlemen. We’re going straight into the thick and thin of it: Rule Number One: Don’t all be in the same exact place. I swear, even at higher ranks, it’s baffling to see how many times that every single person on one team is doing the same thing. It. Just. Doesn’t. Work. Though more common for beginners, here’s what to look for:

Avoid Violating Rule Number One

I got it (going for the same shot)! Please, for the love of everything holy, don’t all go for the same ball. I’m an aggressive player, so this one was especially hard for me at the start, but eventually, I figured out that we won a lot more games if only one or maybe two of us go for the ball. More often than not, you’ll mess each other up. It’s so frustrating to call a shot and have someone on your own team come flying out of nowhere and mess your trajectory up. It’s just self-sabotage. If you see your teammate go up for the shot, don’t follow them. Stay on the ground or at least be in a place where you can rebound. Every blue moon it’ll work. Nine times out of time, it’ll end in disaster.

Entirely too aggressive. Playing aggressive can be tons of fun. It can also lose you games. Unless you’re up by five and at this point it’s just for fun, there are very few occasions where an entire team should be pushing all at once. Why? Because all it takes is one successful rebound from the enemy team and everyone is hustling back towards your goal, trying to either get in front of it to block it or shoot it. It’s a mess, and worse, it’s a teamkiller because inevitably, people blame each other. If you see this starting to happen, pull back and don’t be the person who goes up anyway.

Entirely too passive. I know. I know. I just gave a big thing about not playing too aggressive, but here I am, saying that you shouldn’t be too passive. Here’s what I mean: don’t everyone be in the goal defending it at once. It’s kind of amazing how hard it is to do it. When a team is all in their own goal, it allows the enemy to plug away at will. It also means that you have to have excellent communication, so you block it correctly, or you’ll get those annoying “I thought you had it!” moments.

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Are you a Superstar?

Are you the greatest player to have ever played? Well, possibly, but more than likely, you’ll with the rest of us normal mortals who miss shots, whiff every now and then, and are otherwise not Rocket League gods. Best player in the world, please go ahead and skip this. Everyone else (me included), this is something to watch out for: don’t be an island. You have teammates. Use them! The most effective teams work together to accomplish their goals. Sure, sometimes you’ll run into those carries that can juke out the entire enemy team reliably and score, but those are rare. Most of the time, it’s an evenly matched game. Pass! Direct! Work as one! It’ll help in the long run.

Brief note: I’ve played the game enough to know this works in theory, but sometimes, you have a teammate that is just awful. Maybe they’re throwing, or drunk, or sleepy, or laggy, but they’re not doing anything when you try to set them up, time and time again. I’m not talking about those people. Sure, it’s great to incorporate people who aren’t doing their share, but primarily, focus on teamwork and getting the ball into the hands of the person best equipped in the situation at hand.

What was Teammate thinking?

Everyone’s guilty of this at least at some point in their Rocket League career. You see your teammate and the ball is right in front of them, and somehow, they miss it. It was so easy that you could have handed your controller to your dog and they could have made it, but your teammate either whiffed it, passed it to nothing and nobody, or did something so idiotic that you scratch your head and think, what are they doing? Communicate with your teammates. Sometimes, they might have thought they were passing it to someone in the middle, but everyone else thought they were running along the wall with it until the goal. Communication is key. If everyone knows what they’re doing and is communicating it to everyone else, you’re on your way to victory.

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Who’s back?

If you’ve played for more than a couple hours on the game, you’ll recognize the situation I’m about to introduce. You’re playing threes. You and your other teammate are up advancing the ball, and your third teammate is guarding your own goal. All is good. Then, without warning, your defense teammate is up there shooting it—leaving your own goal empty. The enemy deflects their shot and it slow-rolls all the wall back to your own goal. Infuriating. Always leave someone who can get back to defend if necessary.


In conclusion, Rocket League is a great game. It’s even better if you win, and the best chance you have to come away with a victory is to use great strategy. In this Rocket League Strategy guide,I gave you some of the most common strategic mistakes and gave you common solutions to them!

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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