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Salutations! All the rest of those things! It’s your ole’ pal here, ready and rearing to give you the inside scoop for Rocket League. Generally, I like to focus on certain things. Maybe I tell you about trading. Maybe I tell you about crates or tournaments. Not today, I say, not today! For this article, I’m not going to focus on such specific topics. I’m going to give you a general overview of the whole game in this Rocket League Tips and Tricks Guide!

To Start Off

To start off, I want to set the ground rules. I’m running on the assumption that you either don’t know much about the game or, if you do, you are fascinated and are going to sit here and listen to me talk. Rocket League, for the absolute beginner, is a game that you play soccer with cars. For this guide, I plan to take you through all the things that you need to know, what’s hard to learn, and how to get used to each troublemaker.


The biggest issue, the one that will give you the hardest time, is flying. Flying. Ugh. Flying is like the little brother to try to push—yes, push—a boulder with a string. It’s not intuitive for most people, it’s annoying, and it seems like every step forward is followed by a series of steps back. Driving is pretty simple. You point your car in the general direction you want to go and you accelerate. That’s it. Turn your wheels right, and you go right. Turn left, and you go left.

Flying is completely different. You have to worry about multiple dimensions. There is not just the floor involved. You have no guide whatsoever. I’d recommend creating a custom game with bots and a limitless boost to figure it out. Beginners often run into a couple of different problems when they first start—they fly entirely too high or they barely leave the ground.

Flying too high is fun. You shoot straight up into the atmosphere with a full boost (the custom game, remember?), you feel like you’re on top of the world and that nothing can hold you back… then you collide with the ceiling and you come to a sudden, crashing halt. You plummet back to the ground like Icarus and regret every life decision you ever made to that point.

Flying too low is not without its problems. Although it’s the way I would recommend, hovering two feet off the ground is not going to impress anyone and you won’t feel like you’re making tons of progress (even though you are). Regardless, it’s the way that many people like to use when starting off. Going too high is exciting and all, but it’s hard as the blazes to hit the ball. Starting low, although not as exciting, is the fastest way to learn.

Trading and Getting Scammed

I hate, absolutely hate, hearing these words  —“I just got scammed!” It’s never something you want to hear, but it’s something that is entirely possible in Rocket League, so it is even more of a bummer.

The trading forum is a nightmare for beginners. Most traders that I know were, at one point, ripped off. I was the same way. I went charging into the trading forum with no idea what to do and got scammed a couple times.

The first thing that you’re going to need to watch out for is to never trust strangers online. You don’t know them. They’re in the business to make a profit and they will attempt to smooth-talk you. Personally, I won’t. I’ll never lie about the value of an item, but I’m something of an abnormality in that regard. People will straight-up lie, which is probably not too much of a shocker for you, but it’s still a wake-up call. Stay smart. Use the google doc for prices. It’s the most frequently updated and the most widely used.

The other thing you’re going to need is that people will try to scam you every now and then. Most of the time these are fairly obvious. Someone will post in the trading forum that they have something very valuable and they want something you, as a beginner, have that is not nearly the value. You get excited that you’re about to get this fantastic deal. He or she put the item up and you put yours up. You make sure it’s the right item. You accept. The other guy asks you to add a little item, which is fine with you because you’re still getting a helluva deal.




It’s probably a scam; almost certainly, actually. The other trader isn’t just standing there. They’re waiting for you to add something so they can pull a fast one and replace the item with another item that looks very similar and that is worth practically nothing. You, being a trusting young trader, don’t think about it and accept before getting ripped off. It sucks, it’s annoying, and it might happen to you. The only way to avoid is to make 1,000% percent sure that you know what you’re getting before you ever try to trade.

To make things easy, do your Rocket League trading with PlayerAuctions.


It doesn’t seem like something that should be part of a guide, but I think it’s a vital aspect for all players to understand. Let me sum it up—don’t be a total jerk. Don’t trash talk people. Don’t start fights. Don’t get reported and banned (I’ve seen it a bajillion times). You don’t even have to start it to get banned. I have met plenty of people that like to taunt other players to respond in kind. Once someone reciprocates, the original taunter will report your message and get you banned. It’s a sport, one that you don’t want to get involved in.

It’s not all bad. In order to make a good community, try to be friendly with your teammates! If they make a really good shot or great save, why not tell them? Wouldn’t you want them to tell you?


There are plenty of things you’re going to need to learn for Rocket League. I could write a thousand different articles and not fully cover all of them, but here I’ve shared you the things that I see as the big three. Learn to fly and pull off aerials. It will be frustrating for the start, but eventually, you will get the hang of it and it’ll get easier. The more experienced in the game that you get, the more important that it will be. Once you hit the Master/Legend line, you really, really need to know how. I wouldn’t stress about it, but I would recommend getting a head start. Trading can be your worst nightmare or your best friend. Communication is the same way—it’ll kick you in the butt or it’ll make it an enjoyable experience.

All in all, the most important thing as always is to get out there and have yourself some fun!

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