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Howdy-ho gang! I’m glad you’re here because today we’re going to talk about something in Rocket League that often gets casually brushed over—Uncommons. That’s an absolute travesty. Sure, they might not be worth as much as some other things in the game, but seriously, some of the best looking cars I have ever seen would not be complete without their Uncommon style game is top notch. That’s why I’m here to shine some light for ya in this Rocket League Uncommon Items Guide. So sit down and lemme share my knowledge with you!

What are Uncommons?

I’m going to run on the assumption that you either don’t know what Uncommons are or, if you do, you need some refreshing. Uncommons, despite the name, are some of the most common things to get in the grand Rocket League game. They’re toppers or wheels. They can come into your life through all kinds of ways, whether or not you want them and actively pursue them.

2 Ways of Getting Them

Random Drops

The first way you might get them is through random drops. They show up way more often than anything else (except maybe crates). A good portion of the time, they are painted, but I wouldn’t count on it. You literally don’t have to do anything other than play games to get it. This is why they’re everywhere. You can’t take a turn without running into them somewhere. It’s not like Exotics or Black Market Decals, where you actually have to try and do something to get them. They just drop from the sky.


The other way you might get them is through trading on PlayerAuctions since a chunk is available for cheap. The fun thing about Uncommons is that to some people, they’re very valuable, and to others, Uncommons are basically worthless so it keeps things interesting. It tends to go very strongly in relation to knowledge. The people who know the most tend to think that the Uncommons are not important. It’s quite hard to get a good price for Uncommons (there are exceptions, which I will point out later). Regardless of the trading website you use, the price you get for them will almost certainly be less than they are “worth.” They just are so dang common. If you want a blue bowler, eventually it will drop from the sky if you’re just incredibly patient.

Make sure to check out PlayerAuctions’ Rocket Items Marketplace.


What should you do with the Uncommons in your inventory? The odds are, if you have played the game for a while, you have a bunch of these little fellas loading up your inventory and making it annoying. Well, never to fear! I’ll share with you the most common solutions.

First off, trade ‘em away. This is a long and annoying process to try to do. Take it from someone who’s tried. Every step forward you make in trading with Uncommons, you’ll take two steps back. It’s extremely hard to get their proper worth and the only thing you’ll generally get for them is other Uncommons or crates, which are also nightmares to try to trade except if they’re just add-ons. Every blue moon you’ll run across someone that wants exactly what you have, like a lime crown or something like that.

Second off, trade up! If you get five Uncommons, you can trade them up and get a chance at something better. It’s not a sure deal, but it can pay off.

Third, wear the suckers! Get a set! Uncommons by themselves are generally kinda useless, but their value jumps up hugely if you get a full set of something cool.


I told you earlier that some Uncommons are more valuable than the others. Here’s the rule you generally gotta go by—the brighter the paint color is, the most valuable that it is. Anything Titanium White will look awesome and be easy to trade if you want to. The same goes for Crimson stuff and to a lesser degree, Lime. The hardest things to trade are often Orange, Burnt Sienna, Pink and Unpainted.

Halo Set

The most coveted Uncommons are the Halo set, with the Titanium White and Crimson ones going for a small Black Market Decal on the trading market. As an owner of permanent White and Crimson ones and the previous owner of most other colors, they look awesome. They make a statement. They say, “hey, I’m a beast.” Are you a beast? Perhaps. I don’t know. But you’ll look like one, and that’s just as important. It’s kinda amazing what people will give up for the Halos. They’re some of those things that even very wealthy players want. A lot of the other Uncommon shave been traditionally the equipment of less experienced players, but Halos? I’ve seen exceptionally experienced and loaded players with them. I remember trading with a fella the other day that tossed out three white zombas and two white apex’s. Care to guess what he was wearing? That’s right. Halos.


There’s another grouping of Uncommons that have proven to be valuable—the wheels. For reasons I will never fully understand, some have become cheap status symbols that, like the Halos, are envied. I’ve run into people who have had wheels worth ten times as much as the Uncommons, but there they are, wearing them because they like ‘em. Here they are, and if you ever get one of these, hold onto them:

  • Vortex
  • Dieci
  • Sunburst
  • Tunica
  • Spyder (to an extent)

The black and white ones of these are hilariously valuable. Take black Dieci wheels, which go for a startling 1x. Yes, you heard me right. You can actually trade some wheels that fell out of the sky for a good Black Market Decal.


If I could infuse you with one message—just one—from this, I want you to remember this: do you. Do what makes you happy. If you like something, wear it! I’ve been playing a long time. I have had some very valuable wheels, including White Zombas and I could afford White Apexs if I was so inclined. I’ve had all of the Black Market Decals. I’ve had the best cars and the best Black Market Goal Explosions. I’ve done a thing or two.

I don’t feel even a little bit cooler with my Zombas than my unpainted Dracos. It’s all preference, mysterious friend. I sometimes won’t use my Zombas or any BMDS and whip out the ole’ regular FSLS and Anodized. Use whatever makes you happy. Like I say, I’ve hung out with the sort of guys with inventories to make your jaw drop. I’m talking players that can fill the whole trade slot with straight heats several times over. After all of it, I’m rarely more impressed than with my buddy’s car, who is a Veteran and has no idea how to trade because of how much effort he puts into making it match and look really cool.

Uncommons get a bad name sometimes because they require so little to get them. In my opinion, some of the most important parts of a car come from them.




And have yourself some fun!

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