Showing Your Support with Rocket League Wallpaper, Clothes, and Stickers

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog. Today is a very special—and very unique—day for you because I won’t be talking about the nitty-gritty, get-down-to-business aspects of your favorite games. Instead, I’ll be giving you a different spin: how to show your support for Rocket League! I get it. You like the game, have fun playing it, and you figure, hey, why not show it? In this unique guide, I’ll be taking you through all the best ways to show your spirit with Rocket League Wallpaper, shirts, hats, and more!


One of the important questions that need to be addressed is why you might want to do any of the things that I’m gonna be talking about. In a nutshell, if you like the game, why not? I’ve had situations where I’ve had memorabilia on and run across a fellow player and hit it off. You meet up with a larger fanbase, it’s an easy conversation starter, and hey, you like the game, so why not support it?


Wallpapers are the easiest way to show your support for Rocket League. And yes, I mean for your computer, Xbox, PlayStation, phone, you name it. There’s about eight bajillion of them out there. If you use your search engine of choice and look up “Rocket League Wallpapers,” you will be provided with literally thousands of sites providing them. If none of them are your favorite, no problem! Ditch the sites and do a direct image search. It might take a few minutes, but you’ll eventually find your dream one.

One tip I’d recommend for this is making sure that you’re looking at 4k wallpapers, not 1080p or anything lower, even if your device isn’t capable of 4k. Without getting into the reason why 4k looks better on all devices. For example, if your laptop is only 1080p, a 4k image will look better than the 1080p image, side by side. Why? Science. And technology. I couldn’t explain it, but there are numerous videos that can if you’re interested in finding out why.

The pros of wallpaper support are huge. They’re so readily accessible that you’re sure to find exactly what you want, come in a wide variety of image formats, and are an easy way to declare your love for Rocket League without being obvious. Oh, and another great thing about wallpapers? They’re free! You don’t have to spend a dime.


Shirts. Pants. Hats. Clothing. I was surprised to find out how many stores carry video game memorabilia through clothing!

One thing that I noticed when I was perusing various stores—in the world of video game clothes, there’s a very strong line in the sand. A portion of the stores sends extremely high-quality stuff that you’d be comfortable in, proud of, and relaxed in. Other stores pump out tons of crappy stuff that is going to fall apart, get wrecked, or otherwise fail to meet your expectations. As the owner of both sides, I can assure you that you’re better off getting the better quality ones. Sure, they might take some time to find, but check out cosplay stores either online or in person, and they generally have a good selection. Avoid anything that looks seedy.

Although clothes aren’t free like wallpapers, you aren’t going to carry your computer around at all times. Hopefully, when in public, you’re clothed, so you’re basically a walking billboard. Literally, everyone who talks to you will probably notice your shirt, pants, hat, glasses, etc of choice.


Ah, yes, stickers. Stickers are my personal favorite way to show my support for various games. I don’t mean “stickers” like “you did so well that you got a gold star!” I mean more in the vein of car stickers, stickers for your cooler, laptop stickers, and that sort of thing.

Depending on the kind of sticker you get, they can be incredibly, hilariously rugged. You can slap ‘em on your vehicle and they’ll stay on there until your wheels fall off. Trust me. I’ve put my stickers through hell. My truck never is in the shade or protection of any sort, I drive rough country roads all the time, and I otherwise do my best to shake free anything attached. Nevertheless, my stickers remain firmly secured, determined to never let go. I suppose you could one off, but it wouldn’t be an accident.

Also, another handy thing about decals is that they exist everywhere. You can hardly go for a walk on the internet without finding one supporting something or another. Video games, Rocket League included, are the same way. There are bountiful supplies of them for you to peruse and select your favorite from.

One thing I should mention is that you might need to do some digging to find quality decals. They are out there, but you might need to check out niche shops online. They’re one of the few things that Amazon doesn’t have locked down market-wise.

As far as prices go for decals and stickers, they can be remarkably cheap. Most I have come across are in the four to five dollar range with the absolute most expensive one I’ve seen is ten or fifteen. They’re the middle ground between free wallpapers and sometimes costly clothing. The handy thing about them is that they’re always present, which is the inherent advantage of them over wallpapers. For someone to notice your wallpaper, they have to be staring at your device. For someone to notice a decal, they have to be in the general vicinity and possess the power of sight.


I’ve thrown a lot of stuff at you here today. Hopefully, you caught most of it. Did I cover all the ways to show support? No, not at all. There’s plenty more out there. I merely covered the biggest three ways that are also the easiest to use. You might want to try all of them. You might wanna give one or two a shot, or heck, you might decide that none of it’s for you. That’s fine! The whole point of gaming memorabilia is to be comfortable. If you like being laden with gaming stuff, do it! If you like being a secretive gamer, do it!

As always, the most important thing: get out there and have some fun!

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