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We have established one thing by now; Escape from Tarkov is hard. It is actually a hardcore, unforgiving ordeal where death lurks behind every proverbial corner. For that reason, we made this Escape from Tarkov Loot Guide so you will not lose too much time wondering these grounds in search for best possible weapons and gear. If you are e beginner, you might want to check out some more basic guides before getting into this one.

Stash Management

Everyone who has played a lot of RPG games knows how important stash management is. In Escape from Tarkov the proper management of your stash can mean a huge difference in your overall efficiency and the amount of loot you can process. Everything you come across in this game will end up in your stash, which can be of varying sizes, depending on which edition of the game you bought, ranging from 10×23 cells for the Standard Edition and going up to 10×63 for Edge of Darkness Limited Edition. However, one rule in these games will always be true; no matter how much space you got, you will run out of it, sooner or later! Coming back from a raid with full inventory only to find your stash has no more place is not a happy occasion.

Decide what you need and wish to keep, as well as what you want to sell right away. Sell all duplicate weapons as well as all the weapons you will not be playing right away; same goes for the many weapon attachments. Be careful, though, not to sell anything that you cannot buy from the traders. It is possible to run into certain weapons or attachments in the early game that the vendors will not have available for some time. Hang on to them!

An interesting feature of backpacks and bags is that they can actually be packed into each other! Don’t hesitate to stack several of them but remember that the most inner one can still actually be used as storage! Some weapon attachments such as shoulder stocks can be removed and folded together, grips can be removed and placed elsewhere to preserve space. And once again, remember to sell anything that you are not using right away or consider too unique to throw away (this is especially hard for someone who was known to have hauled an actual kitchen sink in another post-apocalyptic game).

Also, have in mind that there are many quest items you will not need right away, so if you are on a “tight budget” i.e. have a very small stash, make sure you do not start hauling stuff you will only need later in the game.

Raiding Smart

Before you go out in the world, you need to master something called “situational awareness”, sometimes also referred to as “tactical awareness”. You need to know where you can spawn, where the exits are and where, for example, the Scavs are going to spawn. Beyond that, it is important to know the places with the best loot, long before you set out on the mission. Of course, these positions can and do change, since the game is still in development, so you should keep up with the latest guides to know how to plot a best, safest path through every map and come out at the other end with the best possible loot.

We would recommend you to go on raids on bigger maps whenever possible. As the rule of thumb, the bigger the map, the bigger are the chances that you will find very good loot and the smaller are the chances that you will run into trouble. If you do find opponents, you can always embrace the better part of valor and simply run away.

Some while ago we published The Complete Escape from Tarkov Key Guide with virtually all important keys and places they open up listed. In order not to repeat the already written, we would like you to check that guide out as well, since you will find great hints to obtaining a lot of high-quality loot by following it.

Traders and Loot

Escape from Tarkov has several traders that will trade with you, buying and selling weapons and other gear you acquire in your adventures. Since Tarkov is at the center of conflict between European and Russian forces, some of the traders will deal in Rubel, others will deal in western currencies. You as a player will be able to negotiate sales with them and raise your reputation by doing missions for them. Each trader has four levels of standing you need to unlock, and each one of them will be willing to sell you better loot as you improve your relationship with them. Check out their inventories and make sure you know what they will sell at which rank, so you know exactly what the priorities regarding weapons and gear you need are. The Peacekeeper will sell you the M4, but for dollars only, so make sure you get enough of them. The Doctor will sell you medicine and buy from you stuff like food or chemicals. And then there is Fence, the guy we have known from many RPG’s we have played – the one that will buy your stuff offering nickels and dimes and resell them for a small fortune. The interesting thing, though, he will re-sell everything players sell to him, so sometimes you may find rare and valuable things in his inventory.

Oh, and should you want to make the most profit from selling weapons, you should disassemble them and sell single parts for best trader offers.

Don’t forget that you need to “level” the traders, so decide which ones you want to take on first. Sometimes they will give you missions that will actually lower your rep with other traders, so be careful with that. If you want western weapons such as MP5 or M4, you need to work with the Peacekeeper. Prapor and Skier, on the other hand, will open up their inventory with AK and SKS rifles.

Brothers in Arms

Finally, there is a tip that might come as unexpected for this type of game: player communities. No, in Escape from Tarkov, other players are not simply your sworn enemies; they can also be your allies. Team play makes everything easier, from raids to loot trading. You can now find many Tarkov communities online, on forums, Facebook groups, and Discord servers. If you want to try them out, give them a go, but never forget that this is a game where homo homini lupus est.

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