How To Make Supercompost OSRS

How to Make Supercompost
By | November 14th, 2022 | Categories: OSRS

Compost is a pretty useful item in OSRS if you’re looking to farm. While some consider it to be a necessity, it is super useful especially if you’re on a Herb run or are doing the Tithe Farm minigame. So if you’re looking to amp up your Farming Skills, make sure you have a bunch of Compost under your belt. 

With that being said, there are a ton of things you need to know about Compost and Supercompost before we get to the process of making it. So let’s dive into the article and see all there is about this super useful item. 

What Is Compost

You must be wondering; What is Compost? To answer your question, it reduces the chance of farming patches becoming diseased by 50% per growth stage. There are three types of Compost: Regular, Super and Ultra but in our guide, we’ll be talking about Supercompost only. 

The odds of a patch becoming diseased with Regular Compost is ¼, ⅛ with Supercompost, and 1/10 with Ultracompost. While it is better if you use Ultracompost probability-wise,  Supercompost can be deemed as the better choice since it will provide you with better value for money. 

You could use Regular Compost but Supercompost isn’t that expensive and decreases the probability of a spoiled patch by 50%

Compost is important since you can’t pay a Farmer to watch over your herb patches. While you could just buy it from the GE if you’re high level, if you’re an Ironmen, you’ll have to go through the hassle of making Supercompost manually. 

How To Make Supercompost

Making Supercompost isn’t that challenging, so no need to be worried about it. Plus if you’re able to make Supercompost, you’ll also be able to get your hands on Ultracompost when needed.

To make Supercompost, all you need to do is put 15 items in the Compost Bin out of any from the list below, close the lid, and then wait for 90 minutes before collecting it. Here is the list of items you could use:

ItemCost to FillBig Compost Bin
Coconut shell inventory imageCoconut shellNot sold; no other use
Watermelon inventory imageWatermelon390780
Willow roots inventory imageWillow roots5701,140
Maple roots inventory imageMaple roots6901,380
Half coconut inventory imageHalf coconutNot sold
Poison ivy berries inventory imagePoison ivy berries9301,860
Oak roots inventory imageOak roots1,0352,070
Mushroom inventory imageMushroom1,2152,430
Calquat fruit inventory imageCalquat fruit1,6503,300
Yew roots inventory imageYew roots2,0704,140
Pineapple inventory imagePineapple2,2204,440
Snape grass inventory imageSnape grass4,1708,340
Jangerberries inventory imageJangerberries5,11510,230
White berries inventory imageWhite berries5,22010,440
White lily inventory imageWhite lily10,66521,330
Dwarf weed inventory imageDwarf weed11,73023,460
Grimy dwarf weed inventory imageGrimy dwarf weed11,95523,910
Dragonfruit inventory imageDragonfruit13,05026,100
Papaya fruit inventory imagePapaya fruit15,84031,680
Lantadyme inventory imageLantadyme21,58543,170
Grimy lantadyme inventory imageGrimy lantadyme21,69043,380
Grimy avantoe inventory imageGrimy avantoe27,67555,350
Avantoe inventory imageAvantoe28,81557,630
Grimy kwuarm inventory imageGrimy kwuarm32,47564,950
Kwuarm inventory imageKwuarm32,52065,040
Grimy cadantine inventory imageGrimy cadantine41,74583,490
Cadantine inventory imageCadantine41,88083,760
Coconut inventory imageCoconut43,53087,060
Grimy toadflax inventory imageGrimy toadflax48,81097,620
Toadflax inventory imageToadflax49,48598,970
Magic roots inventory imageMagic roots52,350104,700
Grimy torstol inventory imageGrimy torstol63,180126,360
Torstol inventory imageTorstol64,095128,190
Grimy snapdragon inventory imageGrimy snapdragon117,705235,410
Snapdragon inventory imageSnapdragon118,140236,280
Celastrus bark inventory imageCelastrus bark122,115244,230
Tenti pineapple inventory imageTenti pineappleNot sold
White tree fruit inventory imageWhite tree fruitNot sold

Once you’ve collected any of the 15 items listed above, you’ll need to go to a Supercompost bin. You can find a Supercompost bin at five locations in the game and each one is located next to an Allotment Patch. Make your way to each of these five with 15 items of your choice and then put them in the bin. 

Remember to close the Supercompost Bin after you dump all the items in it since the process of making the compost won’t start otherwise. Once you close the lid, you won’t be able to open it once the Supercompost is ready. 

After your Compost is ready, take 15 buckets to store all of it with you. You can then fill up the bin with 15 items again to start the process again. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Supercompost is a must item to have at your side especially if you’re looking to farm since it’ll decrease the likelihood of a Farming Patch being spoiled. While you could use Regular Compost, a Supercompost isn’t that expensive compared to a Regular one and can provide double the effect with it. 

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