In-Depth OSRS Thieving Training Guide

OSRS Thieving Guide
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OSRS Thieving Training

Thieving is a fantastic skill in OSRS that requires little to no investment and will generate noticeable wealth as you climb to level 99. It is a members-only skill that allows players to steal items and coins from many different sources such as non-player characters, stalls, and chests. As players get a higher level in thieving they are able to thieve more difficult targets that generate considerable more money such as the notorious Ardougne Knights. The skill is also used to obtain certain locked doors and disarm traps which is vital in many quests. This is a simple and quick OSRS Thieving Training Guide.

OSRS Thieving Items

Players can spend money and time to get these items which will provide a smoother leveling experience. Some such items:

  • Dodgy Necklace (25% chance not to be stunned. Has 10 charges)
  • Gloves of Silence (Reduces chance of failing pickpocket by 5%. Requires 54 Hunter)
  • Rogue Outfit (Grants chance at double loot. 100% chance with the full outfit. Obtained from Rogues Den Minigame which is accessible at 50 Thieving and Agility)

Pro tip: Equip any bow without arrows to ensure you don’t accidently attack NPCs.


The lower levels of Thieving can be skipped just doing quests. Here is a selection of the ones I recommend to avoid those pesky early levels:

There are plenty more depending on how much questing you wish to do. Otherwise, you can just as easily train thieving from level 1 the old fashion way.

Training Thieving

Level 1-25: Men/Women and Bakery Stalls

Simply pickpocket the men and women located around Gielinor such as the ones located in Lumbridge. It should not take too long before reaching level 5. After that, players will need to make their way to Ardougne town center and steal from the Bakery Stalls. This is very beneficial for new accounts as it will provide a minor food source to heal with as we progress through the game.

Level 25-45: Fruit Stalls

Players will need to head to the Hosidius region of Zeah to progresg. For the next 20 levels players will be thieving from fruit stalls at the easternmost house in Hosidius town center near the beach. Players with stamina potions will be able to utilize both stalls for slightly larger experience rates but one is just fine. Most of the loot from this stall isn’t worth keeping other then the Strange Fruit, which replenish run energy. 

Level 45-49: Black Jacking

After completing The Feud quest, players will have unlocked black jacks. The first targets unlocked at level 45 are Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits which are located in the desert village Pollnivneach which is a short carpet ride from the entrance of the Kharidian Desert

Level 49 to 65: Stealing Artefacts

Heading back to Zeah, players will find the Stealing artefacts in Port Piscarilius. This activity requires 75% favor in the Piscarilius House to participate. This activity will take a few attempts to get the hang of and will eventually start yielding more experience compared to blackjacking at these levels. 

Level 65-99

How much concentration you wish to put into skilling will determine the best way to grind to level 99. The faster methods do require more attention to maximize efficiency. However this is irrelevant if you are going to burn out and end up not enjoying the grind, as it will take a fair amount of time to max thieving out to the level cap.

Players can continue stealing artefacts on Zeah if they enjoyed the last 15 levels of training. The experience rate is respectable and players can get upwards of 50 artefacts per hour. This method is good to break up the usual monotonous skilling required in Runescape and can keep players entertained on their grind for the thieving skill cape.

Alternatively, black jacking high level Menaphites will yield more experience if done right and requires constant attention to keep it efficient. At 65 thieving players will have unlocked the ability to pickpocket Menaphite Thugs found at the southern side of Pollnivneach.

Lastly, if players want to train their thieving with ease, Ardougne Knights in the city centre of Ardougne provide constant experience and gold with little effort. There are dedicated worlds where the knights are cornered by many players to allow constant left clicking without having to move. This increases the experience rate per hour and allows players to focus on other things such as watching a movie or television show.

Have Fun Training Thieving in OSRS

Thieving is a fairly straightforward skill that generates a considerable amount of wealth during the grind to level 99. The skill cape and the ability to get into any locked entrance in OSRS are both very appealing reasons to complete the grind. There is a lot of depth and variety, so be sure to explore to see what you can find through your thieving skills!

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