OSRS Hard and Elite Morytania Diary Guide

OSRS Morytania Diary Guide
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The Morytania Diary is a part of OSRS which sees players performing a series of tasks as part of an achievement diary. In order to finish all of the tasks, players will have to have a number of requirements ranging from skills, to quests and items. This guide will be looking at how to complete the Hard and Elite Morytania diaries, so if this is something that you are looking into, then read on.

In this guide, we will be exploring the following:

  • Items and Skills required for Hard
  • Quest Requirements and Tasks for Hard
  • Items and Skills required for Elite
  • Quest Requirements and Tasks for Elite

Hard Morytania Diary Guide

So let’s get started at looking at what you will need to get going on the Hard tasks.

Items Required

Each difficulty requires a lot of different items, as well as certain skills and quests that have to be completed in order for you to progress. For Hard items, you will need the following: 3 Teak Plants, 2 Limestone Bricks, an Axe, a Tinderbox, a Saw, a Hammer, a Pickaxe, a Light Source, a Mushroom Spore, a Crystal-Mine Key, 3 Watermelon Seeds, 200 Law Runes, 100 Blood Runes, and providing you haven’t built a portal chamber, you will need 100,0000 coins.

Skills Required

As for skills, you are going to need to be at 71 Agility. Then you will need to be at skill level 50 for Construction, Firemaking, and Woodcutting. Your Defence and Prayer will need to be at 70, whilst 53 Farming, 66 Magic, and 55 Mining will also be required. Your Slayer level needs to be at least level 58, but it is recommended you reach 60.

Quest Requirements and Tasks

To get the correct tasks completed, there are certain quests that you are going to need to have finished, or in some cases at least started. Where the latter is concerned, The Great Brain Robbery will have to have at least been started.

The first task is to go into the Kharyll Portal via a Portal Chamber. For this, you will need to have completed the Desert Treasure quest. To do this task, you have to have built a portal, which requires two Limestone Bricks, a Hammer and a Saw. Then you need three Teak Planks, 200 Law Runes, and 100 Blood Runes.

Next, head to the Slayer Tower and climb the advanced spike chain. This is located in the north-eastern room on the middle floor. Just be aware that you will have to defend yourself against Aberrant Spectres, so be careful and consider taking a Slayer Helmet. The following tasks then include harvesting Watermelon on Harmony Island, so head to the allotment patch there and take three Watermelon Seeds and some farming supplies with you. Keep in mind that it will take 80 minutes to grow them. You will have to have at least started The Great Brain Robbery in order to finish this task.

The next task requires you to complete the Cabin Fever quest, as you will be chopping and burning Mahogany Logs on Mos Le’Harmless. Then a temple trek needs completing with a hard companion, which requires the quest known as In Aid of the Myreque, as well as Darkness of Hallowvale. To do this, all you’ll really need is a good weapon and armour set. Cabin Fever is another quest requirement for the next task, which requires you to kill a Cave Horror. Then you can harvest Bittercap Mushrooms in Canifis, so you can use the Mushroom Spore here.

The final three tasks see you praying at the Altar of Nature, so the Nature Spirit and King’s Ransom quests are required. Taking the bridge over the Salve is the next task, which doesn’t require any quest completion, though the Haunted Mine is needed to mine Mithril Ore in the Abandoned Mines. You can do this with the Pickaxe, and can simply use the shortcut via the cart tunnel.

Hard Morytania Diary Rewards

Once you have completed all of those tasks, there are a few items that you will be rewarded with. Morytania Legs 3, Bonecrusher, and an Antique Lamp are rewards that you can expect to receive. You will also get a shortcut access through the estuary on Mos Le’Harmless, and additional Prayer for burning shade remains, plus added Slayer experience and more runes from the Barrows Chest.

When casting Bloom, you will receive twice the amount of Mort Myre fungi too, and Robin will give 26 pots of bonemeal and 26 buckets of Slime when exchanging bones.

Elite Morytania Diary Guide

Item Requirements

For the Elite version, you will need the following items: A Tinderbox, a Needle, a Thread, Combat equipment, Shade Remains and Magic Pyre Logs. There are a few runes to collect to take with you too, including 15 Earth Runes, three Astral Runes and two Nature Runes. Once you have all these items, and three Dragon Leather that’s also needed, you are ready to begin.

Skill Requirements

For the required skills, your Attack, Firemaking and Range will need to be at 70, with Strength being at 76. Other skills will have to be rather high too, with 80 Firemaking, 83 Magic, 84 Crafting, 85 Slayer, and 96 Fishing being needed.

Quest Requirements and Tasks

Your first task is to go to Burgh de Rott and catch a shark with your bare hands. To do this, you will need the In Aid of the Myreque quest, and it would help you to have done the Barbarian Training. The next quest needed is Shades of Mort’ton, so you can find a Magi or Redwood Pyre to cremate Shade Remains on. You can use any Shade Remains here, and you will need a Tinderbox here also.

Lunar Diplomacy is the quest needed for the third task, as you will have to Fertilize the Morytania Herb patch with Lunar Spells. That is the last task in which you will need a quest, as the other three objectives have no quest requirements.

Speaking of these objectives, next you have to go to Canifis bank to craft a Black Dragonhide Body, so you just need to use your three Dragon Leather, and a Needle and Thread. Next, head over to the Slayer Tower (once again if you have been following the Hard guide) and kill an Abyssal Demon, just make sure you have your combat equipment at the ready. Finally, the last Elite task is to equip a complete Barrows Set and loot the Barrows Chest.

Elite Morytania Diary Rewards

The rewards you receive for completing the Elite Morytania Diary tasks include the Morytania Legs 4, and you will have received 3 too if you have been following the Hard guide above. This time however, Robin will offer 39 Buckets of Slime and 39 pots of Bonemeal instead of 26 when trading bones. You will also gain access to the Herb Patch on Harmony Island, and infinite teleports to the Ectofuntus slime pit. You can also earn more experience, with Slayer XP from the Slayer Tower task, and additional Firemaking XP when burning Shade Remains. There is also another Antique Lamp to earn, which is worth 50,000 XP if applied to a skill above 70.


That is everything you need to know about the Morytania Diary Hard and Elite tasks. There are a fair few tasks for you to get through, and many requirements. But there is plenty of adventure along the way to getting them, not to mention a whole bunch or rewards to get your hands on.

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