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A Guide to Escape from Tarkov (Updated 2021)

Escape from Tarkov is turning out to be one of the most popular FPS games in recent memory as hundreds of players are jumping in to try it out. The game is notorious for its brutal and realistic gameplay, making it notoriously difficult to learn. It goes without saying that Tarkov is not beginner-friendly as there are a lot of things going on. However, this should not discourage gamers from playing the game. Despite its difficulty, EFT is still a very enjoyable game once you get the hang of it. With that in mind, this Escape From Tarkov guide tries to give players looking to get into the game a solid jumping-off point with helpful hints, neat tricks, and essential mechanics to understand.

What is EFT?

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore shooter survival game. The game is set on maps wherein players will have to choose whether they will join the BEAR or the USEC factions. Players can opt to play as PMC (Private Military Company) soldiers or as Player-controlled Scavs. The aim of the game is simple. Avoid and kill other players, loot, and survive.

The catch in the game is that gamers who die during raids will potentially lose their gear. This feature has made the game brutal and unforgiving to the uninitiated and has made so many players rage over the past few months. The key to Tarkov is to bring enough but not too much ammo and guns to survive the whole ordeal. Those who survive raids can either sell their loot for cash or store them for later use. There is a list of things people should know about before they go play the game to help them get a better handle of it.

Before Starting the Game

Before launching or buying Tarkov, there are a few things players should consider and prepare. Here are the following points:

Go for the Standard Edition First

Unfortunately, EST is not a free-to-play game. Gamers will have to buy the game from the official page before they can play the game. Tarkov has four packages that players can buy: Standard, Left Behind, Prepare for Escape, and Edge of Darkness Limited Edition. Unless gamers are really into the game, it is recommended that they buy the Standard Edition first. Though Tarkov is a fun game, it is extremely realistic and brutal. The game might not be for everyone’s taste as players find out its quirks. Therefore, it’s a safe bet to first try out the game via the Standard package.

Make Sure that the Sound System is Decent

Tarkov is highly realistic, so players will rely on a lot of things to get the hang of the game. One crucial part of the game is hearing or listening. Noticing the slightest footsteps reloads, and other movements or activities that create sound can make the difference between survival and death. Having a decent sound system or headphones is crucial for players to hear everything properly and clearly.

Lobby or Pre-Game

Once players get an edition of the game, they will have to make some preparations before they go on raids. Some of these tips can help in preserving gear while some tips will help in player progression. Here is the list of things gamers should know before they go into a raid:

Faction Choice does Not Matter

When players first launch the game, they are given the option to pick a faction. They can either choose the Russian BEAR faction or the USEC (United Security). To be blunt, picking a faction has no significant impact on the game. Factions will only influence the cosmetics and appearance of players. In addition, the language each faction uses varies. BEAR is a Russian-speaking faction while USEC is English-speaking.

Insure Items

Players can lose their items if they die during raids. To prevent this, players should always insure the pieces of equipment that they can’t stand to lose. Insuring them allows players to retain those items upon death. However, players can still lose their equipment if another player loots them when they die. One trick to bypass this is to hide or throw away insured items in bushes or dark places when players feel like they are going to die.

Do not Bring Excess Items

In a game where gamers can potentially lose everything, it is always a smart move to bring only what is needed. Even with insurance, players can still lose their items, so one way to minimize loss is to not bring excess items. Gamers must be careful about which items to bring, what items are essential, and what items are optional.

Do Scavenger Raids

Players, especially newer ones, should always do Scav raids as much as possible. Playing as Scav gives gamers an automatic loadout. These weapons can be stored and transferred to the PMC if Scav players survive. In addition, looted items during Scav runs are stored once players reach the extraction point which they can sell or use later on. It is advisable for Scavengers to focus on looting and playing safe instead of engaging in gunfights against PMCs.

In-Game Escape from Tarkov Tips

Refer to A Map of the Game

Gamers get lost most of the time once they are in the game. Having a map on their browser tab or on their phone can help players navigate through areas in which they are raiding. Gamers should make sure that they are not in any immediate danger when consulting the map.

Always Bring a Gun

Never run a raid without any guns. Even a small pistol can make an impact if shot right. When doing raids, players should always make sure that they at least have a handgun on them to help them survive the initial stages of every raid.

Use the Secure Container

Players are always given secure containers once they buy the game. These containers are automatically equipped in players’ pouches. These containers are used as a sort of storage for items that players do not want to lose. Unlike insurance, items in secure containers cannot be looted by other players. Storing equipment in the containers is the only 100% sure way to preserve gear upon death. However, these storage items have limited slots, so players should be wise about what items will be stored in them.

Health is Essential

Bullets in the game are scarce and so are health recovery items. Always keep a lookout for the health bar. Medical supplies are always essential to survive raids. Splints, painkillers, and related items are particularly important, especially for newer players. Different medical supplies address different injuries, so always keep a stockpile of these items.

Always Know Where the Extraction Point is

The only way to ensure that players can get their loot is by safely escaping the map via the extraction point. Players will have to make their way to the extraction and survive until the timer reaches zero, so gamers should always know where and when they should go to that area. Gamers still have to be careful when they are in the zone because some players camp the extraction point. While waiting for the counter to turn zero, hide in a safe spot and wait for the match to be over.

These are just a few tips that can help newer players get the hang of the game. Gamers will learn more about the quirks and mechanics of Tarkov once they play a number of raids. So, always be ready to learn new things in Escape from Tarkov.

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