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Escape from Tarkov is the perfect example of a game whose player base significantly spikes week after week. Many fans of the groundbreaking FPS have been generous with their compliments. Their praises generally discuss how enjoyable the subsequent upgrades (that come in steady increments) are. However, some faithful EFT players have also lamented over certain facets of the game—ones that leave much to be desired. One of these is the lack of “Escape From Tarkov hideouts.” As a way of placating the fan base, game developers have released different EFT patches in a bid to make things better. This hasn’t completely solved the problem, though. It’s a good thing that the developers have worked to make it a permanent feature in subsequent versions of Escape From Tarkov.

What is a EFT hideout?

A hideout is essentially a location in the game that serves as a clinic, relaxation center, shelter from enemies, a place of reinforcement, and an overall tower of retreat. The best thing about it is that it can’t be raided by AI or enemy players, making it a safe haven in every sense.

What are the features of a hideout?

These abandoned bomb shelters may seem like they have nothing much to offer at first glance. However, consistent improvements in the form of a water collection system, medical treatment facility, ventilation, power generator, heating, recon center, bathroom, etc. have made the hideout the safe house that it is today. All these are improvements have made players enjoy the game more since they won’t feel the need to create immortal patches.

How do you run the Hideout in the game?

Despite the presence of all these hideout features, players still have some basic things to do in its full installation. First of all, players will need to install the generator. Of course, the generator runs on fuel. Whenever fuel is scarce, the production and regeneration of some features slow down or altogether halt. Also note that how big a stash would be is directly dependent on the stash at the level of the Hideout. For players with a Limited Version of the game, their level of the stash is at maximum because it is on the third level. More so, to add to the basic scheme of the Hideout, there are elite modules which players can install. This enhances security as well as skills leveling. It also supports the production of unique resources and items, adds comfort, and brings warmth to your home. The shooting range is another substantial upgrade in the Hideout. This is a vital feature because you can practice with it and test just how effective your weapons are.

Other things you need to know about the EFT Hideout

The Hideout will come out in the updated version 0.12. However, it is not possible to add pictures as posters to the Hideout. As for the crafting of items, it won’t start to work immediately after one click. You’ll need some specific items, along with a little patience, until the completion of the crafting process. You can also use hideouts to create the different ammunitions you’ll need in your bid to escape from Tarkov.

To upgrade the Hideout, you’ll need certain items, complete quests, unlock traders, stack up on money, and acquire some skills. Since the 0.12 version is the first iteration of the game with Hideout, it will only feature essential functions which do not allow personal customization. These include positioning items around, putting stuff on shelf or table, or even showcasing the gun or armor. The Hideout is different from a menu; it allows you to walk around in it. Based on the current upgrade of the game, there aren’t multiple variants of the Hideout. There are also, non-specific locations of. This implies that, as you play the game continually, you would be able to master the hideout locations and run to them when the need arises. There would also be a hideout button on the menu, which will take the character straight to the Hideout itself.

Alternatively, you can also build yourself a Rest space which is just like the Hideout outside of the game world. However, unlike the Hideout, you won’t be able to invite your squad to your Rest space. The Hideout does not have more EOD stash size though there is a shooting range that allows you to test your aim on moving targets. Besides, there is a display of weapon loadout visually. This includes weapons stand, table, and a showcase. There will be regular extensions and new updates for Hideout. The best way to enjoy your game is to build your ammunition. You can see how the weapons appear with their mods too. The major challenge with the Hideout so far is that, despite all the benefits that it brings, it still does not guarantee the improvement of the character’s skill.


The Hideout is an integral facet of the game that can appease the thirst of EFT fans. This would save characters from all nitty-gritty processes. The benefits include the size of stash, health restoration, access to new merchants, events, and random objects. However, do note that that this feature is an ongoing development in the game.

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