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EFT 11.7 Patch Notes
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No matter how seemingly perfect a game is, even the most loyal of fan bases will start to see faults in it in time. This, of course, is due to so many reasons. One major problem that has been a constant is the presence of hackers who, in a bid to carve a name out for themselves, try to develop the game with a license from the actual developers only to end up causing more harm than good. Just like any other game, Escape from Tarkov has been the target of loads of complaints in recent years. We took a brief look at the recurring problems that have been plaguing it and then discuss about the patch notes.

EFT’s Persistent Problems

It is important to note that these problems were compiled from different online communities of the game’s players. However, the most frequent issues are these:

1.    A Cruel Mistress for a Solo Player

Escape from Tarkov is a tough game. Many players have lamented over this fact since its release. It’s tough to pick up and even tougher to finish it. No matter how much you familiarize yourself with the game and how good you get with it, it seems to remain a cruel mistress. This could be fun at first, but it only results in boredom and frustration as time passes. This has caused people to create groups for the game whose essence is for players to partner up and play as a team to extend life. Even at that, there are still numerous complaints about it being harder than a rock. Many have lamented all the more saying, “game is too tough; it is for the lifeless among us.” This has made people lose interest in the game.

2.    Complaints About Bugs Because it is a Beta Game

A beta version of the game has gone through the previous testing called alpha testing in-house. This gave a close-in look, function, and feel to the final version of the game. It is a pre-release given out to several users to play under real conditions. As a result, it made people able to change the design.

Only a few of the game players acknowledge that Escape from Tarkov is a beta game. This has made the game a victim to all kinds of bugs, which is a not-so-cool prospect for the players. Beta games are beta games; there is nothing one can do about them. You can only wait until they are further developed into alpha games which you can enjoy to the fullest, free of bugs.

3.    Development of Cheat Codes By Some Hackers

As a direct result of the game’s toughness, casual players find it hard to progress and complete its different stages. A frequent player of the game has said, “99% of games are aimed at casual players.” This is not true for EFT and has made people devise other means to play it and get the job done. The most used “other means” here is cheat codes. For a frequent online player, one would notice that many people seem to be getting better at working around the game’s design flaws. An online player complained about how he rained a hailstorm of bullets at another player to no avail. Yet when the same was done to him, he died only after a few shots. This has prompted the ire of players who play the game online. Guess what? Those who now play online are the best users of the cheat codes.

4.    Developments of Bad Patches

Since everyone wants a better, more advanced version of the game, Battlestate Games has designed many patches for EFT. However, the bad patches have done more harm than good and have stuck out like a sore thumb. Most patches cannot load some features while others stopped functioning altogether at a point. This has consequently made people look elsewhere for their tactical FPS fix. For example, according to a player, she complained about a patch that meds immediately. Imagine getting shot 30 times and recording getting it for 25 times all because it could med so fast! The armor also can take at least 30 shots before recording any significant damage. This is downright upsetting.

Current Game Updates and 11.7 Patch Notes

It would be unfair to Battlestate Games if I were to talk only about the problems plaguing Escape from Tarkov and leave the updates out. The fact of the matter is that there have been useful updates for EFT which have provided a significant fix for some of the core problems.

1.    Addition of a New Language

There is now a Spanish language localized version of the game. This has made it easier for all the Spanish-speaking players to be able to play and enjoy the game in their tongue. The national interpreters’ team worked hard on this translation and this is the first iteration of this localization. Just in case there are misprints, you can report them to the game developers for prompt corrections.

2.    Technical Update 0.11.7

There is a technical update of the game which includes: optimization of in-game locations, various bug fixes, improved AI behavior algorithms, and fixes of most issues that result in freezes and desyncs. This new update improves the game in its entirety and addresses a whole lot of missteps. From the quality of the game, the new weapons like Dragunov sniper rifle, hunting carbine and 100 new weapon parts. For USEC players, there is now the introduction of a third voice for their character. Also, watch out for new hideouts, character customization, weapon preset designs, new location, out of raid treatment, and many other nifty features.

3.    The Release of the Film Series

Battlestate Games have released a movie series based on Escape from Tarkov. The essence of this is to give the game’s players have a better understanding of EFT as a whole whenever they indulge in it. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the developers are hoping that it will inspire more people to get the game and enjoy it too.


A lot is going on in the “Escape from Tarkov game” world. More often than not, it’s either the complaints or different updates on them. There is no need to stick to the accusations when some solutions have been provided. Either way, Escape from Tarkov remains a game one should enjoy over and again. It is so full of life and vigor. We can only hope to see it in its final form soon.

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