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How to Make a Killin’ with a Hot Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin

Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin
By | March 13th, 2018 | Categories: Escape from Tarkov

In the world of multi-player battle-royale FPS games, it’s more than just your skill level that dictates how far you go. Sure, cat-like reflexes, an itchy trigger finger, and a keen sense of awareness all help, but more than those, you also need to items to gain leverage against your would-be opponents. Having a truckload of resources at your disposal is almost a sure way to tip the balance of the scales in your favor.

In this regard, Escape from Tarkov is no different from other games. The more in-game resources you have, the better chance you’ll have at kicking up the most proverbial dust—and being the last man standing when the smoke clears. While playing Escape from Tarkov, you’re sure to realize that being the ultimate scrapper is a must. You need to gather all the loot you can find as you scratch and scavenge your way out of the post-nuclear holocaust setting, on the way to the sweet taste of freedom and survival.

One way to help you get the most resources is with an Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin. Here’s a look at why you need to put a premium on it as well as all the places you should look into when searching for it.

Understanding the Value of Physical Bitcoins

Physical Bitcoins are trade items that you can use to gain the necessary resources you’ll need in Escape from Tarkov. These will help you to gather your force and gain victory over your opponents. Because of the fact that Bitcoins fall under the rare item category, you can expect to catch a hefty sum when you trade them. All you need to know is where to find them and to whom you should trade them when you do.

PlayerAuctions is the Place to Look

Relentless looting is one of the main components of Escape from Tarkov’s gameplay. As the city has been ravaged by radiation and has subsequently been deserted, it’s up to you to scour the city of Tarkov. Therein lies the dilemma as not every building is readily accessible. To gain access to certain buildings—and the loot found therein—you’ll need access keys. For those of you who want an easy and surefire way to them, you can buy keys or EFT Bitcoins via PlayerAuctions where you can get your fill of door, machinery, and cabinet keys.

By the time you acquire your Bitcoins, the hotspots in Tarkov that you need to carefully comb for trading are as follows:

  • The Town
  • Streets
  • Tarkov Outskirts
  • Customs
  • Terminal
  • Factory

We’ll get to the specifics of those areas in a bit.

Who to Trade

What you get in return for an Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin really depends on who you choose to trade with. Let’s do a little nit-picking and see which characters in the game are worth dealing with.

Tip: The therapist pays the most for barter goods. If you want to get the most value for your wares, make it a point to prioritize her in your dealings. That being said, we’ll start with her.

  • Elvira Khabibullina (nickname: Therapist) – Given the nature of her profession, you can expect a good amount of wares ranging from medical supplies to food, keys, or even invaluable information. In terms of monetary gain, you can gain about 98,000 Roubles for a single Bitcoin.
  • Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko (nickname: Prapor) – A specialist in Post-Soviet Bloc weapons, ammunition, grenades, and modifications, Prapor will give you around 78,000 Roubles for a Bitcoin.
  • Fence (real name: Unknown) – Fence is as dodgy as his real name. As far as low-balling goes, he’s as cheap as they come. You can expect to get only around 30,000 Roubles when you trade with him. However, you can consider him a jack-of-all-trades as you can acquire pretty much anything from him.
  • Alexander Fyodorovich Kiselyov (nickname: Skier) – This guy won’t even buy it from you so don’t bother offering him Bitcoins. That being said, he’s a good source or armor, containers, weapons modifications, and tactical rigs.
  • Tadeusz Pilsudski (nickname: Peacekeeper ) – Hailing from the Republic of Poland, this UN peacekeeping force supplies officer is a good source of Western weapons as well as grenades, magazines, and weapons mods.

Taking control of things, instead of leaving things to serendipitous chance is the way to go if you want to go far in your impossible exodus from the city of Tarkov. By having a keen sense for where you can find the necessary in-game resources and knowing how to make the most of them, you can go outwit and outlive everyone else who’s trying to escape from Tarkov.

Don’t forget to explore PlayerAuctions’ Escape from Tarkov Bitcoins.

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