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Fight Hard with Escape from Tarkov Gameplay

Escape from Tarkov Gameplay
By | January 29th, 2018 | Categories: Escape from Tarkov

The survival genre has been growing strong in the past several years with titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust or even DayZ having millions of players flock to them. Adding to the mix the battle royale games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, the wide defined shooter genre is becoming one of the driving forces in gaming today. Naturally, every new title created along the lines of survival focused shooters will be compared to top earners, but Escape from Tarkov Gameplay is on a whole different level than these games. It is a hard-core, unforgiving first-person action RPG/simulator with elements of MMO. Sounds complicated, but it wins hearts with a original gameplay.

The City of Tarkov

Tarkov is a fictional city in Norivnsk region, situated between Europe and Russia. For reasons not quite certain, it has become a lawless war zone with the two main factions, private military companies USEC and BEAR, fighting for the resources of this once wealthy city. To add to the mix, there are local armed gangs called “Scavs” (derived from the term scavengers) that fight for the supremacy, ready to attack anyone or anything, be it a mercenary or innocent local resident, just so they can get their hands on their valuable possessions.

After you pick a side your character will spawn in Tarkov with a simple mission; search and find as much quality loot as possible, preferably by prying it from the cold, dead hands of your opponents, and finally leave the city through several extraction points available to each faction. Sounds simple? Conceptually, it is. In practice, it gets a whole lot more complicated and dangerous than this.

The key to Escape from Tarkov’s gameplay is its extraordinary depth and realism, the richness in detail and unforgiving nature of the conflict. To ensure this, it developed into a perfect combination of an FPS, RPG, MMO, survival game and military simulation. As mentioned, between the two factions that give players the chance to engage each other are also Scavs, the NPC’s of the game, and you can play as one of them as well. If you do, you switch from your main character into a low-geared character with little ammo, sometimes even severely injured, to fight the faction players.

Both an MMO and FPS

Even though the BattleState Games, the Russian developer behind Escape from Tarkov, has never officially defined EFT as a survival game, it has just as many elements of survival as well as player versus player action. This game is primarily a hard-core, first-person shooter where your character will suffer permanent death when killed in action. In addition to that, even though the games are session based, the weapons and gear themselves are persistent. Whatever you have on you will be lost if you get killed, meaning that the constant threat of losing high-level gear is a powerful stimulus in this game. The only way to save this equipment is to reach one of the several map exits that are available for each faction and safely leave the combat zone. Naturally, these areas are perfect spots for an ambush, so it is probable that someone will be waiting for you there. The endings can be extremely nerve-racking.

Escape from Tarkov gameplay focuses on a story driven playthrough of some ten locations, each of them session based, each one harder than the next. Upon completion of this tour, the players get access to free roam mode which puts them on a 16km2 map with up to 64 players maximum. It is possible to play solo or take part in teams of up to five players, as well as play on test maps to try your skills against the NPC’s in much more safer circumstances.

The gear and the weapons are nothing short of amazing. The choice of weapons from both NATO and Russian stocks is huge, which is additionally increased by a variety of extensions and upgrades, exchangeable optics and other useful gadgets. The models are realistic, and the developers went a long way to make sure the weapons looked, sounded and behaved like the real-life counterparts. There is a complete ballistic model implemented to this game, which includes all the features such as recoil, bullet drop, wind effect as well as penetration and even ricochets! Also, to make that FPS gameplay doesn’t fall back behind all of this, EFT is offering fluid movement, leaning and jumping as well as hit detection for different body parts. Oh, and not to forget that hydration, energy, the possibility to bleed out, earn concussions and so forth… Often enough players will die due to injuries they suffered in a fight even though they managed to shoot down the opponents. Death comes in many shapes in Escape from Tarkov.

Loot and Treasures

Inventory is one of the key aspects of the game and all the hard-core RPG fans will love it. It is not all about guns and gear since you can also salvage and carry other precious objects from Tarkov. You can peddle these to various merchants in the game and gain reputation with them. One of my favorite features is the ability to mix ammo so I would add a tracer bullet to every five shots in the magazine of my assault rifle. Now, I am perfectly aware that this is not something thousands of players are yearning for, but it is a perfect example of the nature of Escape from Tarkov gameplay. The depths of detail is astounding, from surroundings, the weather pattern, sun and rain, the way how your avatar examines the weapon and checks if there is a bullet in the pipe.Guns will jam or break down. Realistic soundtracking will enable you to hear where exactly your enemies are, so keep your ears open and your own step light. Oh, and that door in front of you? You can kick it down like a SWAT guy or lockpick it and slither inside like stealthy assassin. The choice is yours.

Escape from Tarkov gameplay is more profound and detailed than a majority of other games of this genre we had a chance to try out in a long time. We always knew that the Russians are deadly serious when it comes to the making of first-person shooters and that they are investing a lot of time, love and passion for these highly detailed games. Escape from Tarkov is the hard-core game for those that want to embrace the challenge and are ready to risk everything they have.

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