Will the Streets of Tarkov EFT Map be Coming Soon?

Streets of Tarkov EFT Map
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If there is one thing that keeps players coming back to Escape from Tarkov, it would be the high degree of difficulty in weaving in and out of various maps. From Customs and Interchange to Labs, there’s a lot of fun and exploring to be had. Of course, shooting down Scavs and other players – as well as getting shot several times in the process – makes the experience even more exciting. The best part? Battlestate isn’t even close to done yet, with the upcoming Streets of Tarkov EFT map on the horizon.

While fun, maps tend to lose a huge chunk of their difficulty once players become highly familiar with the hiding spots, the mobs, and the exfil locations. For veteran players, raids slowly become routine and end up being predictable, albeit only slightly. Fortunately, the developers at Battlestate Games are continuing their efforts to shake things up and get the shooter title ready for launch. With a new map coming soon, players will have extra hours and hours of gameplay to enjoy EFT in a new light.

How long has Streets of Tarkov been teased for?

The Streets of Tarkov EFT map was first revealed at the PC Gaming Show 2020 on June 13. It was presented online with veteran esports figure Sean “Day9” Plott hosting the segment. A short teaser video of the map was shown. Afterwards, Day9 invited Battlestate Games chief operations officer (COO) Nikita Buyanov for a quick interview about what’s coming to the widely popular realistic shooter game.

It’s a fairly short video clip that you can easily find online, if you want to see it for yourself. It might actually be good to do so, as there are so many details that you can spot from the trailer if you’re keen enough. Don’t blame us for being too excited for it, though!

What do we know about Streets of Tarkov so far?

Perhaps the greatest thing about Streets of Tarkov to date is that it will be the first urban map for the shooter. From a quick glance at it, there seems to be greater emphasis on sound design here. As players know, audio cues are different when walking on different surfaces, and this would prove crucial in this new location with all the various settings you’ll be exploring.

While the other maps are certainly enjoyable on their own, the game has yet to let players duke it out in a city. Naturally, this has created quite a lot of hype among players, as an urban map is something many have been clamoring for ever since.

What do the teasers show about the Streets of Tarkov EFT Map?

The video teaser gives us a glimpse of the kind of experience we can expect from the map. Cracked sidewalks and graffiti seem to be prevalent throughout the map, adding to the urban vibe.

The trailer starts with a player walking along a major road. We see abandoned vehicles in the middle of the avenue as well as other rubble. The character then backs up and turns around to what seems like an inner road, with fewer vehicles and generally what seems like a less dense area.

The player then enters one of the accessible buildings, an apartment complex with multiple floors and inside connections to adjacent structures. Up the stairs, there are a number of rooms that the player explores, one of which leads to what seems like a rundown pharmacy and its back office.

The exploration continues beyond that office into a fire escape stairwell with doors to other rooms as well. The next room to be shown appeared like a residential flat, which was initially unlit until the player adjusted the circuit breaker. We were then shown a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, followed by a combined living and dining area. The player peers through a window, which then reveals a beautiful skyline of the cityscape, indicating there are many more similarly accessible buildings to check out.

While the video ends there, it does show the stunning amount of work Battlestate has put in for the map. There are lots of tiny details in each room, from furniture to even a portrait of the meme Doge. There’s a lot to take in, and this is just a single building in an urban center. It’s exciting to think of how many more of these details you could see once the map is live.

Is there any news about a release date?

Unfortunately, as with most things about Escape from Tarkov, there is no clear info yet as to when this map will drop. The folks at Battlestate have stayed silent on any release date. However, what we do know is that the Streets of Tarkov EFT map is expected to come with the 0.13 patch. As to when exactly this new major update will be ready, your guess is as good as mine.

Other Upcoming Features

On a brighter note, fans and players of the game will not by any means be starved of good content. Buyanov shared some key details for the upcoming (now released) patch 0.12.7. One of the things mentioned would be the expansion of the popular Customs map, which will be about 30% to 40% larger. That would almost certainly mean more challenging raids for that area.

Devs are also looking into rolling out major overhauls to the skill system of Escape From Tarkov alongside other technical fixes to the game. These changes will take effect in future patches.

A new boss named Senator is also in the works. The Battlestate COO did not share any footage or image of him, but he apparently could “heal his partners and search for stashes.” It would seem that the upcoming boss will bring something new to the gameplay experience while also, of course, being quite the challenge.


While we are all sadly forced to wait for this widely anticipated map, we still have good content coming up shortly and the game will continue to be engaging. These smaller updates should be enough to fill the gap while we twiddle our thumbs and stretch our patience until this new location becomes playable.

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