Chinese Father Employs Virtual “Assassins” to Curb Son’s Gaming Habit

By | January 7th, 2013 | Categories: News, World of Warcraft

In an unconventional approach to parenting, a Chinese man, identified as Mr. Feng, has reportedly hired virtual “assassins” to target and eliminate his son’s avatar in World of Warcraft. The move comes as a response to his growing concerns over his 23-year-old unemployed son’s excessive time spent gaming.

Sources from the Kotaku East blog, which first reported the story, suggest that Mr. Feng hoped this strategy would discourage his son from further indulgence in the virtual world. However, the plan took an unexpected turn when the son confronted one of the gamers to understand the relentless targeting.

Speaking to the BBC, Prof. Mark Griffiths, a renowned gambling and addictions expert from Nottingham Trent University, commented on the unusual intervention. “It’s an unheard-of approach. However, top-down methods like these rarely yield the desired results. Excessive gaming is often a manifestation of deeper issues,” he stated.

Drawing from his extensive 25-year research on excessive video game playing, Prof. Griffiths mentioned that while he has encountered gamers who play for up to 14 hours a day, it doesn’t necessarily translate to addiction. He emphasized, “The real concern isn’t the hours spent gaming but the impact it has on an individual’s life.”

While the father and son have reportedly mended their relationship, World of Warcraft expert, Olivia Grace, weighed in on the matter. She expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of Mr. Feng’s approach, noting, “In the gaming world, being defeated by another player is commonplace. It’s just the nature of online interactions.”

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