OSRS: Shattered Relics League – League 3 Tasks

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Day 1 Shattered Relics League Goals

This article will outline some great goals to strive for on the first day of the new League in OSRS. These aren’t necessarily the most optimal and efficient goals but generally will be good for anyone to obtain. This short guide will break down what to do on your first day in the Shattered Relics League, as well as how to start completing your OSRS league 3 tasks.

Stronghold of Security

It is always a great idea to start off with a stack of gold pieces. 10,000 gold pieces to be precise. This stack can be found within the Stronghold of Security by progressing through each level of the stronghold. Doing this will also count as a task to provide points towards league unlocks. All around, a fantastic way to start the league.


Quests early on give quick levels and unlocks to jump-start your character in the new OSRS league. Just be cautious about what experience you will be granted from the quest as if you do not have that skill unlocked it will give no experience towards it. Unlock the relevant skills then proceed to do the quests to get the maximum reward out of them.

Some recommendations we’d give are:

Monks Friend

Fishing Contest

Hazeel Cult

Sea Slug

Depending on your playtime, it is very possible to knock all of these out and more in rapid succession during the first few days of the league. It’s handy to keep them in mind as you explore Gielinor as you can pick up these quests on the go.

Unlocking fragment slots and skills

As there isn’t much information regarding tasks out until release, players will need to skim through the task list and find easy efficient tasks to quickly accumulate league points and Sage’s Renown to begin unlocking fragment slots as well as skills. So far we have seen Agility as a great starter skill as there are plenty of easy tasks to complete through this skill

Diaries & Waystones

Don’t forget about diaries! Each diary grants experience lamps per tier completed. The experience lamps are affected by the exp multiplier.

Waystones should be unlocked as players traverse through each area of content, taking no more than 30 seconds to unlock, and will save players a ton of time later down the track.

We hope this short guide gives players a good sense of how to begin their journey in Shattered Relics League.

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