OSRS Tithe Farm Guide

OSRS Tithe Farm Guide
By | November 14th, 2022 | Categories: OSRS

One of the best skills to max out in OSRS is farming, as it allows you to unlock items such as vegetables, herbs, and many other eatables that can provide your character with a temporary buff. Since the usual methods of leveling up your farming aren’t that rewarding and efficient, that’s where the Tithe Farm comes into play. 

The minigame is a great way to level up your farming skill points quickly and give you a much-needed break from your usual grind. Keep reading our guide to find out how to efficiently use this minigame to your advantage without wasting resources and time! 


To play the minigame, you’ll first need to complete the Hosidius Favor quest. While the quest isn’t very challenging, it can be time-consuming, so we recommend you get into the game and start working on it as soon as possible if you haven’t already. 

You’ll also need some traditional farming tools, such as a Spade to dig up the spots, a Seed Dibber to plant the seeds, and at least eight watering cans to water the seeds. Lastly, the minigame also requires you have 34 farming points in order to play it. 

Some Tips and Tricks

There are also some things you could take that are totally optional but will help you speed up the minigame and get the most out of what it offers you.

First up is the Graceful Gear which is a great option to have at your disposal to restore your energy throughout the Tithe Farm minigame since it requires a lot of running that will tire your character. If you can’t afford the Graceful Gear, then any Weight Reducing Gear in the game would suffice. You can also use Stamina Potions in and out to restore your energy by 20%.

If you want, having an Explorer Ring will also help you gain energy; however, remember that you can only use it twice throughout the day to restore 50% of your character’s energy. 

The Lunar Spellbook is also quite handy to have since the Humidify spell in it will allow faster refilling of your Watering Cans. Other than that, a Farmer’s Outfit will be an excellent addition to your equipment as well since it gives you bonus farming points. 

A Gricoller’s Can can also be used which is way more effective than the usual Watering Cans and requires filling after you’ve watered 333 plants. 

How To Get There

The fastest way to get to Tithe Farm is by your in-game teleport. However, it requires you to have visited Tithe Farm at least once. So if you have done that, it is great, but if you haven’t, there’s no need to worry.

The other ways you can reach Tithe Farm are by using a House Redirect Tablet, Xeric’s Talisman Teleport, a Woodcutting Guild Teleport using a Skills Necklace, or the Great Kourend teleport using 69 Magic. Once you’re there, you can select from the three types of seeds you’re offered. 

The lowest will be Golovanova Seeds with 34 Farming points, then will come Bologano Seeds if you have 54 Farming Points, and the final and third will be Logovano Seeds which requires 74 Farming Points. 

The three types of seeds will reap you with different Farming Experience once you’ve completed the mini-game, with Golovanova providing the lowest experience and Logovano providing the highest. 

How To Farm Efficiently

There are a couple of ways to farm efficiently; however, successfully pulling them off will require you to practice till you get good. The one we’ll be talking about is the 20 by 5 method, which requires you to plant 20 seeds per rotation. You will need to plant five full rotations to cover all the 100 seeds given to you at the start. 

To start, you’ll see a lot of field patches to sow your seeds in. Start from the corner patch and plant one seed in it, then move to the patch on the other side and plant a seed in it. Keep moving like this left-right/right-left until you’ve filled the patch. 

You can cut short your watering and planting animation by clicking ahead of the animations actually finishing. This will save you time and ensure you’re able to plant the maximum number of seeds in a given time. Cutting your animations short is also imperative if you’re looking to advance to other quicker methods of farming

After you’ve finished planting five whole patches, come back to the beginning one and start harvesting them all to complete rotation 1. After you’ve done collecting them all, you can place all the grown fruits in a sack located nearby to collect the experience and farming points. You’ll have to deposit a minimum of 75 grown fruits in order to receive reward points for the stop. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to get work done more effectively, you can try increasing your animation time by minimizing movement, which will help you harvest those 100 seeds quickly; however, the difference won’t be too much. However, if you’re just looking to casually enjoy the game, our guide is sufficient for you to follow. 

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