What is OSRS Shattered Relics League?

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OSRS Shattered Relics League – Everything You Need to Know

Jagex the developers of Runescape will be introducing their third installment of the iconic Leagues into Old School Runescape. Players will welcome a new set of challenges, tasks, and, of course, rewards. Each player will need to tackle new obstacles and challenges to overcome tasks and unlock more content. This article will give an overview of what to expect from Shattered Relics League and how it differs from the base Old School game.

OSRS Shattered Relics League is a separate game mode within Old School Runescape that gives every player a fresh ironman account on league-specific worlds away from the main game. These worlds provide 5 times the amount of experience as players will have all their stats starting from level 1. Skills are locked by default outside of Thieving, Fishing and Defence. Players will start with one other combat skill of their choosing at the beginning. Players will be able to unlock more skills after they embark on their journey and start completing tasks.

Relic Fragments

On arrival to the new game mode, players will be assisted by a Sage to prepare them for their new adventure. The Sage has deemed relics from past leagues too powerful and has shattered them into multiple fragments to collect. The fragments grant weaker buffs and are more versatile as they are interchangeable as well as stackable. Fragments can be found during most activities across the continent such as minigames, skillings, and as loot from combat.

Fragments can be put into slots to activate their power to your character. As players progress through the game more slots are unlocked to allow for even more fragment buffs. The fragments can be moved freely between slots at any bank or at the Sage. Up to 7 slots are unlocked as players accumulate league points from completing tasks around Gielinor. Fragments gain experience while equipped and can be leveled up to level 3 while playing the game. There are also fragment set effects that grant additional buffs when the required amount of set fragments are equipped.

Gielinor Restrictions and Travel

Contrary to the previous leagues where areas are unlocked with progression, Shattered Relics League opens the entire continent up to players to freely move around. However, most content is locked off such as dungeons, minigames, and bosses. These can be unlocked as players progress and accumulate league points.

Waystones have been added to the game to be unlocked as players enter each of the main areas. The waystones unlock unlimited free teleportation between the area waystones to cut time on running and traversing around the continent. Players do have unlimited energy for running so it won’t take long to unlock each waystone. As with the last league, minigame teleports are available from the start of the league.

Sage’s Renown

Introduced in this league, players will accumulate a secondary currency called Sage’s Renown that will be used to unlock skills and bosses within the realm. This currency is earned by completing specific tasks set out within the league.

Have Fun!

This is looking to be a fantastic event for everyone, from the Old School veterans to new players of the game who want to try it out. It is always a blast with lots of progression, rewards, and tasks to achieve. Players can accumulate rewards for the main game such as cosmetics, outfits, animations, and ornament kits. One of the more desirable rewards is the tiered trophies to show off to other players how far you got in the gamemode.

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