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We are going to discuss the following in this article: 

  • The secrets that lie beneath GTAV 
  • How you can find them 
  • The tricks you need to know to uncover these secrets 

GTA V hidden places are something that have been of great interest for fans of the long running series from Rockstar Games. The open world of Los Santos and Blaine County is chock full of seemingly endless activities to do. Whether you are performing heists with your comrades, racing across the dangerous streets, or simply relaxing with fellow high-rollers in the Casino, there is so much to do in the online aspect of the game.

That’s without even mentioning GTA V itself, which offers a gripping story alternating between three characters; Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Within this narrative, there is a free roaming element which has a plethora of things to see and do. One such activity is searching for the many hidden secrets that lie within. These are locations that many players will not know about, which have been discovered over the several years since the game’s release.

With that in mind, here are seven of the most secret locations in GTA V.

  1. Taco Truck
  2. Ghost
  3. Kyle Chavis’ House
  4. Fort Zancudo Lab
  5. Wall Breaches – Jack Howitzer’s Room
  6. Epsilon Building Sniper Point
  7. Mt. Chiliad

Taco Truck

The first hidden place in GTA V on this list is the Taco Truck. If you find yourself in Sandy Shores and you have a hankering for Mexican food, then you will be able to find a rather unique vehicle. This can be found down a dirt road at a certain time of the day. Specifically, between the hours of 1pm and 2pm. This will be the only time in which the vehicle is around, so make sure to check the time on your journey.

It serves as a rather unique assault vehicle, and perhaps more importantly there is nobody in the truck to give you any grief for stealing their precious taco transporter.


Who ya gonna call? Once you reach 11pm, you can head to the campsite by the sea for a rather supernatural experience. This isn’t for the faint hearted, or those who don’t particularly enjoy the sound of wailing ghosts down their headsets.

In fact, these voices can go from dark whispers that give you goosebumps, to screams off in the distance that really freak you out. Not even the soothing sounds of the ocean can cover the ghastly sounds that surround you. It does make you wonder how they passed on given the noises that they are making.

Kyle Chavis’ House

By playing Michael’s part of the story, you will soon learn that his marriage has hit hard times. This is emphasized in the “Marriage Counselling” mission, in which Michael finds two tennis rackets by the door when returning home. You can probably guess where this is going, but nevertheless Michael soon discovers his wife cheating with Kyle Chavis, her tennis coach. This leads to Michael giving chase to Chavis and mistakenly trashing the home of established business man, Martin Madrazo.

Chavis’ house isn’t actually quite so elegant, as players will come to learn when they find his home. Traversing from the location of Madrazo’s house is a more dainty looking home, with scattered tennis balls and rackets knocking around. You will also find a tennis ball machine if you need any further confirmation of it being the home of the dastardly Chavis.

Fort Zancudo Lab

Fort Zancudo is kind of like the GTA V equivalent of Area 51. There is many a theory that alien activity goes on within the Fort, and by heading here at 3am, you can probably see why. Over one of the buildings in the fort you will see a UFO hovering, so theories can be justified.

Perhaps what’s spookier about this is a player who introduced a mod which discovered a lab underneath the fort. This mod is required for players to experience it, after which you will head down an elevator and enter a dark laboratory guarded by soldiers. This is effectively one of the best secret locations that any conspiracy theorist could ask for, with vaults protecting nuclear bombs, as well as soundwaves from a computer.

Wall Breaches – Jack Howitzer’s Room

The final three secret areas on our list require a little bit of light cheating, or wall breaching to be exact. The first can be found behind the police station where players can jump into a void of sorts that takes them under the map.

Once you have managed to find the abandoned area, players will be required to use a parachute and glide until they come across a hotel room. Specifically, Jack Howitzer. The puppet-dwelling actor is spotted in a scene in which a bloodstained room plays host to the murder of a prostitute.

Epsilon Building Sniper Point

Continuing with the wall breach theme, players who crave an epic vantage point will want to head at the Epsilon Program building. To reach the hidden area, you will need to head behind the building and climb to the top. Here, you will find part of the roof which is shaped like a cone. With a bit of Dunkirk spirit and a can-do attitude, you can reach the top of the cone and hide inside it.

If you are looking to pick people off, or fight off your enemies, then this is the perfect place to do it. Not only will you be out of sight, you will also be protected from enemy fire and have arguably the best vantage point possible.

Mt. Chiliad

This is without a doubt going to be the most coveted hidden location on any GTA player’s list. This is because there has been a wealth of mystery and conspiracy theories surrounding the mountain ever since the game launched. This is helped along by a wall painting found in the cable car station at the top, and a message nearby urging players to return when their story is completed.

However, with a bit of modding and wall breaching, players can find what lies within. Inside, there is a tunnel with two doors, one of which is lit up to indicate that you are able to enter it. Within, you will see players seemingly paying homage to a floating egg.


These GTA V hidden places will often require some modding and a lot of practice, but what they do provide is a unique experience for a game that has gone from strength to strength over the years. There are perhaps even more areas yet to be discovered, so who knows what other mysteries lie beneath in the lively world on GTA V.

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