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Everything You Need to Know About WoW Rumble in the Jungle

WoW Rumble in the Jungle
By | March 29th, 2018 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Considering that Blizzard’s most epic franchise boasts more than 15.000 quests, it’s only logical that it includes fantastic quest chains such as The Day That Deathwing Came, Lost In Battle (a.k.a. Mankrik’s wife) and of course the WoW Rumble in the Jungle one!

Even though Battle For Azeroth is fast-approaching, this WoD quest remains one of the most fascinating and entertaining weekly quests in the game. And the fact that it’s located in the visually-stunning Tanaan Jungle certainly increases its appeal.

In this post, we’re going to share some very detailed and intriguing information regarding Rumble in the jungle, including how to get the related achievement and relevant info about increasing your Saberstalkers reputation.

What exactly is Rumble in the Jumble and where can you get the quest?

Added back in 2015 with the release of patch 6.2.0, it’s a weekly quest given by a troll named Z’tenga the Walker who’s located in the Saberstalkers’ camp (coordinates: 55,75), between Lion’s Watch and Fang’rila in the Tanaan Jungle (eastern Draenor).

The quest is available to both the Horde and the Alliance and it starts and ends at the same NPC. Also, it’s one of the only two replayable quests (the other one being Tooth And Claw) that award Saberstalkers reputation. And here are the key details of this quest:

  • level – 100
  • Quest type – Weekly
  • Location – Saberstalkers’ camp, Tanaan Jungle
  • Rewards – 15 gold and 14 silver, 3.770 XP, + 3.500 Saberstalkers rep, the King of the Jungle buff

Now, in case you didn’t notice, one of the awards that you receive upon completing Rumble in the Jungle is a particular buff (instant cast) called Kind of the Jungle. The great thing about that buff is that it boosts the drop-rate of Apexis Crystals from mobs found in the Tanaan Jungle.

And the aforementioned crystals are the equivalent of Valor Points – in fact, the crystals replaced the Valor Point current with the introduction of WoD.  Apexis Crystals are used for:

  • Obtaining rare-quality items
  • Getting certain upgrades
  • As an exchange for reputation awards

So, but what are the Rumble in the Jungle quest objectives?

The objective of this quest is to slay the 3 Blackfang Champions of Fang’rila (the capital of the Blackfang saberon). Here’s some additional info about each one of them and what to expect regarding their abilities:

This is the first boss that you’ll be facing and to summon him, you’ll have to acquire one Minor Blackfang Challenge Totem and that’ll cost you x5 Blackfang Claws.

Rendarr is the second Blackfang Champion that you need to slay. Summoning this boss requires a Major Blackfang Challenge Totem and x10 Blackfang Claws.

Undoubtedly the hardest of the pack, this is the last Blackfang Champion that you’ll encounter. In order to summon this guy, you’ll need a Prime Blackfang Challenge Totem in exchange for x25 Blackfang Claws.

While certain classes might find this quest soloable, even without adequate gear, your best bet (especially if your item level is relatively low) would be to group with other players. As for the actual location of the Blackfang Challenge Arena – the exact coordinates are t 54.5, 81.3. It’s situated in the southern part of Fang’rila.

Now, keep in mind that these three bosses have to be summoned for you to be able to kill them. And to do that, you have to go to the Saberstalkers’ quartermaster (Z’tenga the Walker – coords: 55.2, 74.8) and acquire one of each Blackfang Challenge Totems (Minor, Major, and Prime).

You require Blackfang Claws in order to get these challenge totems from the quartermaster and these claws drop from random Blackfang monsters. The mobs with the highest drop rate are (98%):

  • Blackfang Shaman
  • Blackfang Hunter
  • Blackfang Savage
  • Blackfang Prowler

On top of that, you also gain 25 reputations with the Saberstalkers for each kill.

What are the Saberstalkers reputation-related rewards?






All of these items, mounts, pets, and consumables can be acquired from Z’tenga the Walker.

How to get the Rumble in the Jungle achievement

Apart from the famous quest, there’s also a Rumble in the Jungle achievement that you can acquire. It rewards you with a cool title (*name* of the jungle) that appears next to your character’s name and you also receive 25 achievement points.

The actual achievement practically has the same requirements for both factions (Horde and Alliance) and to earn it you’ll have to finish each one of the following achievements found in the Tanaan Jungle:

Before you head over to Tanaan Jungle and engage in achievement hunting, remember that the Rumble in the Jungle achievement can be quite time-consuming to get. I warned you!


You’re now equipped with all the proper tools and knowledge to crush the Rumble in the Jungle quest and even the achievement (if you have enough time on your hands that is).

Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below with your personal struggle related to this intriguing quest and especially – your thoughts on the related achievement. Do you happen to be one of the select few who has an “of the jungle” next to their name?

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