Choosing from the ESO Classes for the right one

Choosing the right ESO Class
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Character creation is one of the most enjoyable things to do in a game. Then you reach the ‘choose a class’ choice and you realize you pretty much have no clue what you want. How do you pick one from the available ESO classes? Hopefully, that question won’t seem as daunting to you by the end of this article.

Some Facts about ESO’s Class System

Unlike other MMOs that give you a variety of specialized classes, ESO gives you a choice of six. Each class can be built to fit the role of the DPS, Tank, or Healer. They can also equip every kind of weapon and armor.

So if that’s true, why need classes at all?

Each class still has unique skills to them. They’re also adept at different styles. For example, Templars are the typical defensive class as tanks. As healers, they excel in burst healing and cleansing. They’re no slouch in damage dealing either. Wardens and Sorcerers have the option to summon pets for a variety of purposes. Nightblades are the quintessential rogue/thief type class.

Even if you can slot them into the same roles, they still play differently because of innate differences in skills, playstyle, and advantages. There’s also their different strengths and weaknesses. A perfect class doesn’t exist in ESO.

Warrior-like Classes

The Dragonknight and Templar are the ubiquitous warrior classes. They are easier to use, with straightforward builds and no-frills gameplay. Both can be good ‘battlemages’ using magic with two-handed weapons (DK) or one-handed (Templar). They also have the highest survivability rates. To clarify, they have the highest Health and Defense stats of all classes.

Rogue-like Classes

The Nightblade is the archetypical rogue class. They have the ability to cloak themselves, have the highest single-target DPS, and are quite squishy. They’re the best at ambush tactics and/or sniping with bows. This class isn’t recommended for first-timers, as it relies heavily on player skill to be an effective tank and healer.

The Warden isn’t exactly a rogue, but it has elements of a beast tamer hunter. They can have combat pets. Their skills are based on nature. They share the unique characteristic of a dedicated healing class skill line with the Templar. It may have a lower threshold of beginner difficulty, but it’s locked behind a paywall. You have to buy the class either from the Crown Shop or the Morrowind expansion.

Mage-like Classes

The Sorcerer and Necromancer are the most focused on spellcasting. Though they have the option to use melee weapons, magic remains their primary focus.

Sorcerers are good ranged damage dealers. Their weak defenses are somewhat covered by their ranged DPS. Of course, certain builds allow them to tank, but they’re rarely used. The class’s crowning glory is the Overload Ultimate. It is one of the skills with the highest damage output.

Necromancers use corpses to fuel their spells. They can use them to attack, buff allies, or heal them. Also, they can summon minions. While these minions die after some time, the Necromancer can use the corpses to boost other minions or replenish their resources. Otherwise, they can be used as mere gun fodder to damage enemies.

Choosing a Class

From the short descriptions above, you should be able to get a good feel for each of the classes. From there, you can choose which you’d enjoy the most. If you’re the type to rush in aggressively, you’d probably enjoy the DK or Templar. If you’d rather stand back, the ranged options, Sorc, Nerc, bow NB, could be what you prefer. For healers, they say the best healer is Templar, though Nightblade and Warden seem to be good too!

And Even More Things to Think About

As an additional note, there are some races with racial skills that have good synergy with certain classes. That’s an added layer to your choice. Is race (how your character looks) more important to you or is it the gameplay? Will you focus on PvE, PvP/competitive play, or just general exploration?

Research is your friend! Everything described here is just a very general overview of the classes. If that already helped you choose, that’s great! Otherwise, if you’re the type who wants to know everything before making a decision, there are great resources around the web. However, sometimes the best thing to do is experiment.

You may use guides and builds as suggestions or guidelines. There’s no one perfect way to play the game, there’s just your way. You’re the only one who can find it, so go and explore ESO and have fun!

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