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Clash of Clans is a wonderful game for the fact that you can take it as serious, or not seriously, as you want. Among its global player base, there are weekly players, daily players, hourly players, serious pros, average joes, and weekend warriors. For a game with such diversity among its player base, and no real way to do things “wrong,” joining clans of players like you can be a hassle. Despite “clan” being in the game title, joining a clan isn’t exactly intuitive, and many players have trouble understanding how to know they are choosing the right clan. PlayerAuctions has put together a guide to everything you need to know if you’re wondering How to Join a Clan in Clash of Clans.

You’ll Need a Clan Castle

First things first, you have to build a Clan Castle if you have not already. Fortunately, this only costs 10,000 gold, and you can acquire this pretty quickly simply from the solo campaign missions. The Clan Castle, of course, allows you to join clans, but it has some other great benefits as well. Your clan members can send your troops, which you can use in battle or which will defend your castle from attack by other players. This is particularly helpful because you can be sent troops of any level by your clan members, giving you a strong edge over other players in battle. Once the Castle is rebuilt, you can also move it around, which you’re unable to do while it’s in ruin.

The Clan Castle has another huge benefit – your Treasury. The Treasury allows you to store large amounts of gold and elixir which remains relatively untouchable by other players. The resources you earn for successful Clan Wars attacks, as well as Clan Games participation or Star Bonuses, is stored in your treasury until you decide to transfer it to your Gold and Elixir storages. At low levels, this is hugely beneficial, as your Treasury stores are several times as large as your best Gold and Elixir storage capacities, and they are relatively easy to fill if you’re in an active clan that allows you to participate in Clan Wars.

Finding and Joining the Right Clan

There is no shortage of clans seeking new players in Clash of Clans, so joining any clan is relatively easy. Simply typing “clan” into the global chat is the simplest way to get a guaranteed two or three clan invitations. The question you really want to ask yourself is: which clan is right for me? Well, there are a couple of things to consider:

First, what kind of player am I, and what kind of players are in this clan? There are widely variable levels of competitiveness among the clans in the game. Some clans engage in wars back-to-back, which involves all members of the clan, and expect you to participate. If you’re a casual player, or maybe you don’t have the desire or the time to invest in serious Clan War strategy, this may not be the right kind of clan for you. On the other hand, if you’re trying to level up quickly and profit from successful Clan War battles, you might want to seek out a clan with highly supportive members and higher expectations from you.

Another consideration for more serious players is whether or not you’re allowed to participate in Clan Wars. A common practice among competitive clans is to allow lower level members to join but only use the highest level players to participate in Clan Wars. This is a more middle of the road solution, as you’ll still be allowed to request troops from clan members, participate in clan games, and engage with your fellow clan members, but if you’re looking for loot from Clan Wars, this style of play probably won’t work for you.

Head to the Forums

With all the considerations there are to joining a new clan in Clash of Clans, it can be difficult to find a clan that suits you by selecting from the blind dates you find in the Global Chat. Fortunately, this is not the strategy we recommend, as there are indeed better ways to go about finding a clan. Supercell, the company that hosts Clash of Clans, has a forum dedicated to clans called “Looking for Clanmates.” Here, you’ll find lengthy, informative posts from all kinds of clans advertising their clans. They tell you about a clan atmosphere, player type, preferred language (an important point for a game with a Global fanbase), and prerequisites. Whether you’re a casual player looking for friends and support, or a serious player looking for a competitive, top-tier clan, with a little bit of sifting, you’ll surely find something here that will suit you.

The Clan Search

Another way to find Clans that’s more useful than the Global Chat is the Clan Search at clashofclans.com. The Clan Search lets you find clans by name, or use the advanced search to find clans based on War Frequency, member number, minimum level, and more. This is a great way to quickly find a clan that will work for you if you’re not interested in reading the clans history or a long forum post.

Not finding one that works? Make your own!

If you haven’t had any luck finding a clan that works for you, or you’re ready to blaze your own trail, maybe you’d like to create your own clan! To do so, leave any current clan you’re in. Click on your clan castle, and select the “Create Clan” tab. You’ll be able to select from options about your clan, such as how players can join, the minimum number of trophies, War Frequency, and more. You’ll have to pay 40,000 gold, but that’s it! There are no rules, and if you want, you can be your clan’s sole member. However, if you’d like to start recruiting, use the clan forums and the global chat to invite new players. It might take a little bit of work, but you should have no trouble attracting players if you’re positive and friendly!

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