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The Hot 5 PoE 3.6 Builds

PoE 3.6 Builds
By | April 15th, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

A few weeks ago we covered beginner guides for Synthesis. Now it’s time to cover the other end of the spectrum, the strongest builds, regardless of cost. These builds are designed to cut through all content smoothly and easily. They are the top end builds, and if you’re looking for something cheaper I highly recommend you do check out our previous article for examples. Without further ado, our top PoE 3.6 Builds!

Which Builds are the best for 3.6?

  1. Unnatural Instinct
  2. Molten Strike
  3. Winter Orb
  4. Divine Ire
  5. Tornado Shot

1. Unnatural Instinct

Okay one more ado. Before we get into the builds themselves, it is impossible to not talk about this jewel. Unnatural Instinct, when placed to the right of the Scion starting area, is the most efficient jewel in the game. It gives attack speed or spell power – whichever you don’t path through – as well as life, critical strike multiplier, movement speed, cast speed, and a few small other bonuses. It is so efficient that it is very worth pathing down to get it, even though you’re seven nodes out of your way on most builds.

That said, the jewel is nearing 20 exalts. As I said, this is not going to be a guide for beginners. Every build here will be in the 20-50 exalt range, with the high end being in the hundreds of exalts for most of them. Unnatural Instinct is just the tip of the iceberg.

2. Molten Strike

If you follow our other guides, you’ll see a reoccurring theme with Molten Strike’s appearance. The fact is, until something drastically changes, Molten Strike will remain one of the strongest abilities in the game. It has the best delivery method of any skill, dropping up to nine balls per target, per attack, allowing for crazy on-hit mechanics to take place. Whether it’s the health gain on hit with Vitality, or the massive damage on hit from Hand of Wisdom and Action (HoWA), Molten Strike just has the potential to deliver massive payloads while remaining incredibly tanky.

This league they nerfed Loreweave, so the life version of Molten Strike took a small hit. It remains incredibly viable, however, the Energy Shield variant is also very strong, and has become more appealing as a result. The energy shield variant relies on HoWA as a damage source, stacking crazy amounts of intelligence in order to both gain quite a bit of defensive stats as well as damage. This can be done on either a Juggernaut or an Occultist, their playstyles are very similar and it comes down to personal preference for the most part. Occultist is a bit faster at clearing and can delve a bit further in their mine, while Juggernaut can take on bosses easier.

For more Path of Exile, check this out: PoE 3.6 Divine Ire: Understanding Pure Damage

This build has a low end of around 20 exalts, to get started. The high end is in the realm of ten mirrors, if you want to push it as far as possible. This is due to the build relying on almost entirely rares, allowing for mirror-worthy items in nearly every slot. My own HoWA Juggernaut is sitting at an investment of around 30-40 exalts, and he can slice through all content that I’ve pushed him against (my delve is at 420 currently). However, ideally, I’d love to pump another 20-30 exalts into him to fix up my rares while maintaining my Wise Oak balance. There’s a lot of potential here. This is the guide that I took inspiration for with my HoWA Jugg.

3. Winter Orb

Winter Orb is one of the most popular skills since its release, due to its power and ease of use. With the right items you can easily pump hundreds of exalts into one of these characters, and see real returns from every single exalt. The variation that I’ve been playing is a Trickster using Eternity Shroud, which allows for much lower investment in order to hit massive damage numbers. With a 6 linked Eternity Shroud and less than an exalt of other gear, you can easily deal enough damage to clear all content.

The biggest issue that you’ll have is survivability. In order to hit high enough life totals to feel good facing Uber Elder, you’ll need to either invest some real currency, or forego some damage. With another 10-20ex in gear, you can easily break 5k life, 1.5k ES while maintaining damage high enough to instantly phase Shaper. If you’re willing to put another 20-30ex on top of that in, you can get enough to one shot Cortex bosses, and even gain more life (making use of Unnatural Instinct as well as godlike jewels).

The biggest investment you can make after the Eternity Shroud is a Shaped Pyre ring. If you get that you can get rid of Herald of Ice, and put Hatred into your main links, as well as begin using Elemental Focus. This is more than a 50% damage increase across the board. It’ll set you back about 20 exalts, but to nearly double your damage, it’s worth it. The last big upgrade you’d want is a Shaped Headhunter. If you were to straight up buy it, it would set you back over 100 exalts, making it incredibly cost prohibitive. But if you can get your hands on one, you’d become a god. The streamer mbX recently created two videos regarding this build, discussing both the low- and high-end potential of the build. There’s a lower-end video and a higher-end video that you can check out.

4. Divine Ire

Divine Ire is a new build released this patch. We covered it in our previous article. It has one of the highest potential damage outputs in the game, due to effectively chaining two skills together, packed into a single skill. It also has a ton of versatility, so you can use rares in every slot, once again allowing for insane maximum currency investment and damage output. I won’t spend too much time here, check out our earlier guide on the build!

5. Tornado Shot

This is another build that will continue to appear as long as Tornado Shot continues to function the way it does. Similar to Molten Strike, you can stack up a ton of projectiles, as well as secondary projectiles, in order to maximize damage output. Because of how this build scales, most of your damage on the tree revolves around attacking faster and with more projectiles, as well as flat scaling. This means that when you get jewels with flat damage, they are exponentially stronger.

A good abyssal jewel can cost upwards of 5 exalts, and this build uses up to fifteen of them, so most of the build’s cost comes here. This allows you to use whatever other pieces you want, meaning you can either scale damage, survivability, or quantity gear. You have a lot of options, and all will cost in the realm of 100-200 exalts in order to get to a place where you could consider it to be perfect. If you’re looking for the most expensive gear out there, Demi has a guide that has you covered


There are a lot of builds that can cost anywhere from twenty to hundreds of exalts in order to reach their potential. If you have the money and the desire to play one of the strongest builds in the game, check these our top PoE 3.6 Builds and see if you can’t destroy everything you come across!

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