Cobra Lash Poison Assassin

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Thanks to Path of Exile: Blight’s skill revamp, poison is back on the menu. With its buffing comes the Cobra Lash Poison Assassin build. There’s no other Ascension class that’s better suited for the build, so it’s definitely the best place to start if you want to try poison builds.

Passive Skill Tree

Passive Skill Tree:

Skill Gems

Core Skill: Cobra Lash with Nightblade, Vile Toxins, Deadly Ailments, and Added Chaos Damage support gems. The last support gem depends on purpose.  For clearing, use Greater Multiple Projectiles support, while utilizing Slower Projectiles Support for single targets.

Debuff: Wither with Spell Totem, Multiple Totems, and Faster Casting support gems.


  • Plague Bearer and Increased Area of Effect support
  • Herald of Agony with Minion Damage, Damage on Full Life, and Vile Toxins support gems
  • Grace, Blood Rage, and War Banner

Mobility: Whirling Blades with Fortify, Blood Magic, and Faster Attacks support gems.


Weapon: The Wasp Nest (Unique) for increased physical damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, accuracy rating, chance to poison on hit, and chaos damage.

Body Armor:

  • Dendrobate (Unique) for level 10 Lesser Poison support for socketed gems, increased poison damage if you have 300 dexterity, and increased poison duration if you have 150 intelligence
  • Belly of The Beast  (Unique) – 150=200% increased armour, 50% increased flask recovery, extra gore
  • Cherubim’s Magnificence (Unique) for increased chaos damage, armor, evasion, life, and total recovery per second from life leech
  • Loreweave (Unique) for bonus to attributes, physical and elemental damage, global critical strike chance, energy shield, life, mana, rarity of items found, and 76-78% elemental resistances
  • Any Rare armor with bonuses to elemental resistances, life, and socketed attacks have % chance to gain critical strike; with Pristine Fossil


  • Starkonja’s Head – increased global evasion when low on life, increased evasion rating, 25% increased global critical strike chance
  • Any Rare helmet with bonuses to life and elemental resistances, with Pristine Fossil

Shield: Lycosidae – bonus 250-300 cold damage to counterattacks, bonus life, armor, energy shield; hits can’t be evaded.

Gloves: Fenumus’ Weave (Unique) for level 20 Aspect of the Spider skill, increased evasion and energy shield, maximum life, attack and cast speed, increased damage vs. enemies affected by 3 spider’s webs, deals (8-10)-(13-15) damage for every spider web on enemy.


  • Kaom’s Roots – cannot be knocked back, grants Unwavering Stance, +150-200 Life
  • Bubonic Trail – trigger level 20 Death Walk, increased life, movement speed, and 10% damage for every abyssal gem.
  • Any Rare boots with bonuses to elemental resistances, life, skill effect duration, spell dodge; with Pristine Fossil.

Belt: any Stygian Vise with bonuses to elemental resistances, life, damage, with Aberrant and Corroded Fossil.


  • Maligaro’s Cruelty (Unique Amulet) for bonuses to dexterity and intelligence, life, gain frenzy charge for killing enemy with 5 poisons, gain power charge for killing enemy with less than 5 poisons, 10% increased poison damage per frenzy charge, 3% increased poison duration per power charge.
  • Any Rare amulet with bonuses to elemental resistances, life, chaos damage to attacks (via crafting bench), with Aberrant Fossil.
  • Any Rare rings with bonuses to Chaos damage, maximum life, and elemental resistances, with Essence of Delirium and Deafening Essence of Envy.


  • Any Rare Jewels with bonuses to life, chaos damage, increased damage, and damage over time.
  • Abyssal Jewels – chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on kill, life, flat chaos and physical damage bonus,  and attack speed.


  • Divine Life Flasks of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding immunity/removal.
  • Diamond Flask for lucky critical strike chance.
  • Sin’s Rebirth (Unique) for 100% evasion and cloud smoke on use.
  • Basalt Flask for physical damage reduction and reflection.
  • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for chaos Resistance, and physical and elemental chaos damage.

The Cobra Lash Poison Assassin is definitely the kind of build that will take you on a wild and deadly ride. It’s the build that’s sure to take your enemies, thanks to its fatal damage-over-time offensive.

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