Icicle Mine Saboteur

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Mine builds have become less prominent than they used to be, and for a wide variety of reasons. Path of Exile: Blight, however, has changed that. With a few significant tweaks, this particular play style is back and better than ever. A good example of this is the Icicle Mine Saboteur. Yes, it hurts as much as it sounds.

Passive Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y362o5zb

Skill Gems

Core Skill: Icicle Mine with Swift Assembly, Hypothermia, Increased Critical Strikes, Added Cold Damage, and Increased Critical Strikes support.

Utility: Detonate Mines with Spell Totem and Faster Casting support; Bear Trap; Summon Skitterbots.

Movement: Smoked Mine and Increased Duration support; Flame Dash.

Mana Conservation: Vaal Clarity with Increased Duration support.

Debuffs: Enfeeble with Blasphemy Support gem.



  • any Shaper-based Rare wand for “Damage Penetrates % elemental resistance bonus
  • Tremor Rod (Unique) for a chance to block attack damage while wielding a staff, +2 levels to socketed gems, Blastchain Mine support for socketed gems, increased spell damage, reduced enemy stun threshold, and mines can be detonated again

Shield: Any Rare shield with bonuses to elemental resistances, maximum life, and spell damage.

Helmet: Any Rare helmet with bonuses to life (base value and percentage via Pristine Fossil) and elemental resistances.

Body Armor:

  • Tabula Rasa
  • Any Rare body armor with bonuses to Elemental Resistances, Life (base value and percentage via Pristine Fossil), and Spell Critical Strike Chance

Gloves: Any Rare gloves with bonuses to elemental resistances and Life (base value and percentage via Pristine Fossil)


  • Kaom’s Roots – cannot be knocked back, grants Unwavering Stance, +150-200 Life
  • Atziri’s Step – increased evasion, life, and movement speed; chance to dodge spells
  • Any Rare boots with bonuses to elemental resistance and life (base value and percentage via Pristine Fossil)

Belt: Leather Belt or Stygian Vise with bonuses to elemental resistance, life, flask duration and charges gained, flask charge usage reduction, elemental damage (via Prismatic Fossil) and cold damage (Frigid Fossil).


  • Ventor’s Gamble (Unique ring) for 6-15% increased rarity of items found
  • Any Rare opal ring with bonuses to elemental resistances, life, dexterity and/or strength, and chaos resistance


  • Any Rare jewels with bonuses to life, increased damage, area damage, spell damage, mine damage, spell damage while holding shield/dual-wielding, and cold damage


  • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for bonus damage and chaos resistance
  • Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding immunity/removal
  • The Wise Oak (Unique) for increased cold penetration for every cold resistance you have
  • Lavianga’s Spirit (Unique) for mana recovery and spells having no mana cost during flask effect
  • For the last slot, choose any of the five:
    • Jade Flask – for 3000 evasion rating
    • Quartz Flask – to dodge attacks and spells
    • Stibnite Flask – creates smoke cloud on use, grants 100% evasion rating
    • Quicksilver Flask – for increased movement speed
    • Basalt Flask – for 15% physical damage reduction and 20% physical damage reflection

Without a doubt, mine-based saboteurs have made a successful comeback. If the Icicle Mine Saboteur can’t convince you that it has, then perhaps nothing can.

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