Apex Legends Mirage (Offensive)

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Locked behind an in-game paywall, the Apex Legends Mirage is one of the two characters that you’ll need to either grind your way to collect enough currency to buy him from the store or simply spend some real cash to get. At a cost of 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins, Mirage is the trickster of Apex Legends, with skills primarily composed of vanishing acts. Out of all the Legends, he’s unmatched in terms of distracting and confusing enemies with his decoys. All his abilities are centered on stealth and holographic decoys which you can use in specific ways, depending on the situation.

Abilities and Playstyle

  • Passive ability (Encore!): automatically drops a decoy and cloak for 5 seconds when knocked down, distracting the enemy. This offers you the chance to escape to your teammates and get revived back into the game.
  • Tactical ability (Psych Out): sends out a holographic decoy to confuse your enemy.
  • Ultimate ability (Vanishing Act): deploys a whole set of decoys based off your team while he cloaks. Ideally, it’s best to save his ultimate for escaping from difficult situations since it’ll be tricky for your enemy to track you after you’ve cloaked and made several copies of yourself.


The Apex Legends Mirage is best used as an integral part of a flanking squad and is great when paired with Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher ability. You can use this tactic when deciding whether or not to withdraw from a battle with your team should you find yourselves outnumbered. Other than creating decoys, Mirage lacks more diversity in his ability as he’s the type of character that’s really not much of a team player; he is there merely to distract his enemies enough for your other teammates to pick up kills. Although you’ll need to grind in order to get enough currency or spend some cash to get him, he’s a worthy adversary to your champion pool that shouldn’t be missed.

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